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Burning Hearts Social Club

The Burning Hearts Social Club is a non-partisan, male-exclusive club whose members seek out adventures, unique tales, fortune, and romance in distant cubes.


Functioning as an adventuring guild, the Burning Hearts Social Club informally ranks its members based on travel experience, with the eldest and most respected members being both expert explorers and expert storytellers. Membership can be purchased at the cost of at least one share in the club's pub franchise, but advancement requires either real adventuring experience or the ability to tell a plausible and exciting tall tale. The club has no centralized leadership, however, with individual Burning Hearts Pub managers serving as the local heads of the organization. For most day-to-day issues of club policy, a direct democratic vote among shareholders (i.e. all members) at the pub of the region most affected is sufficient, though almost all members will respectfully consider the advice of the elder members.

Public Agenda

The Burning Hearts Social Club advertises itself as providing the means and motivation for men to go out into the world and discover its splendor for themselves. For those without the proper traits for military, scientific, or trade excursions, the Burning Hearts Social Club serves as another potential route to fame and a sense of purpose in the confusion of modern times.


The capitals of all major nations within the Manifold each feature at least one Burning Hearts Pub, a franchised pub chain owned collectively by the club members. These pubs serve as social networking hubs for members of the club, allowing members to gather information and connect with potential employers, travel companions, and purveyors of useful goods and services in the surrounding community.   Patrons to the Burning Hearts Pubs are known to climb the large banquet table at each franchise's center to tell stories of their adventures long into the early morning hours; particularly exciting tales are recorded by the club's scribes, becoming pieces of shared cultural legend that the club members can rally around in tough times.

For wine, women, and the wilds!

Founding Date
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
Burning Hearts
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