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Koseti Square Inn

The historic Koseti Square Inn - originally known as the Koseti Arms before a rebrand in 9970 AR - is a Burning Hearts Social Club pub on Exivaun in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. Fortuitously located on Koseti Square near the docks and airship landing zones, the Inn is a popular destination for Rostran Burnhearts in particular but sees frequent visitors from all walks of life in the Manifold Sky.

Purpose / Function

The Koseti Square Inn, like many Burning Hearts Social Club locations throughout the Manifold, provides food, drink, entertainment, privacy, and temporary lodging services for club members. Around two-thirds of the floor plan is dedicated to hotel rooms, which flank the central Memorial Garden (see architecture). The tavern at the front of the building also serves as the hotel lobby, the design dating back to an older custom in Rostran accomodations. The study at the back of the building is of equal size to the tavern and provides quiet relaxation and, through the many books and charts available for perusal there, opportunities to conduct research for subsequent journeys.   An important secondary purpose of the Koseti Square Inn is to help promote strong bonds and mutual respect between the High Rostran and Low Rostran locals and those who visit them from afar. The historic location near the much-frequented docks of the capital city, coupled with rich Esotericist iconography executed in a way faithful to the traditions, demonstrates the Burning Hearts Social Club's respect for local customs when abroad.


The name of the Koseti Square Inn is something of a double entendre, the property consisting of a square loop corrior flanked on either side by hotel rooms, a large study, and a tavern. Arcades both within and without provide additional shade from the sometimes oppressive heat of the Rostral Tesseract sunlight.   The courtyard formed by this arrangement contains the Koseti Burnheart Memorial Garden, a tasteful arrangement of local botanicals and oar-markers dedicated to fallen regulars of the Inn. A winding path of flagstones leads visitors on a tour of the garden while also providing places for the inscribed names of benefactors. The whole space is bounded with a ritual sigil to Ixaumosana etched into a run of old ship floorboards; the loss and lack of recovery of Burnhearts far from the Rostran homeland is said to encourage the formation of ixulova tun and the spirit of the sea is said to offer protection if properly propitiated.   The aesthetics of the Koseti Square Inn present omages to both sailing and aviation, these being the two primary modes of travel within the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. More than once, thirsty members of the Navigator's Guild have 'stumbled' into becoming Burnhearts because they went to the Inn by mistake, thinking its iconography was designed to attract men of their profession in particular.


The Koseti Arms was established as one of the first non-Human territorial offices of the Burning Hearts Social Club. It was only natural that the location in Exivaun would be chosen for this purpose, as the Rostrans - via great figures like Eqai Voiranoi, Vexan Zin, and others - have a long and storied history of innovation in the realm of exploration. The use of the term 'Arms' for a chapterhouse eventually came to be considered confusing for newer members of the organization, as the closest Iuxat cognates for 'house' or 'residence' were more closely related to seagoing vessels than the Vozendi terms relating to an 'embrace.' Thus, the name was changed to better reflect the Inn's location and function.

Alternative Names
Koseti Arms
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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Starfarer Theta
16 Dec, 2022 03:15

It seems strangely uncommon to find such pleasant studies in the same space as a tavern providing good food and drink. There's even a garden just outside! I may stay awhile and just relax. And then, stay even longer to review my life's journey up to now. I've learned long ago to never let these moments slip away too soon, you never know what the next great challenge to overcome may be.   I remember having a hope long ago of choosing my destination, of choosing what kind of place to explore and people to know. A hope that has indeed faded, but perhaps it is better this way. If life hadn't put me out of my comfort zone every now and then I would've missed some unique wonders, and broadened horizons. - Nemo, World Traveler