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Bleaker's Void

Bleaker's Void is an unusual geological formation located on Distal H5, near the Commissure to Distal E, Travellers can emerge from the commissure - but seldom come back.


The region immediately surrounding the Distal H5 commissure, colloquially known as Bleaker's void, is strewn with mile-high, steeply-sloped points of rock that rise from a depression with a depth equal to that of the commissure's micro-gravity layer. The edges of this depression are sloped upward toward the center, as though the place where the Void now stands was once a smooth, rocky hill.  
It is believed by Vale Verdial geologists that the current Void formation was formed by some sort of extreme erosion event, wherein most of this previously-existing hill was weathered away. Another theory posits that the hill was actually torn apart by face expansion or, possibly, and ancient drought which, over time, worked the newly-formed cracks in the soil until they extended all the way to their current floors.   In any event, the extreme shifts in altitude presented here result in a strange arrangement of biomes, with the spires capped in snow (due to altitude) and the basin floored with permafrost (being permanently cast in twilight).


Few creatures in general are capable of surviving within Bleaker's Void, though isolated pockets of Distal polyps, floating briars, and some left-chiral mountain shrubbery make a go of it.

Localized Phenomena

The ultraviolet of the Distal Tesseract, the particle radiation of the Southern Tesseract just across the inflection layer above, and the extreme slopes of the terrain under the influence of the Ventral Tesseract's active tectonics make Bleaker's Void an extremely inhospitalbe place in general. Falling rocks, an ever-present veil of mountain fog hanging between the spires, and the possible presence of Distal polyps only complicate matters.


While the initial exploratory airships from Petalcap Vale were able to pass from Distal E through the commissure to Distal H, the 'thorniness' of the terrain - coupled with poor visibility from the Void's wind-blown snowcaps - made returning the sameway impossible to do safely. Near-misses with jagged rock outcroppings and the occasional bit of scrub required the crew to immedatley take the Distal B route home for refit and repair.   Currently, though it is known now that the commissure is traversable, no sane Navigator from the Guild will intentionally chart a course through Bleaker's Void unless in immediate, critical danger. Other expeditions following the first have passed through Bleaker's Void and never returned, neither their bodies nor equipment having ever been recovered.
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