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The Lepidosians were an extinct race of Human-like hominids which lived in Eastern F before the generally accepted beginning of written history.

Basic Information


Lepidosians were morphologically Human with a few notable exceptions. Because the Lepidosians are known to have mummified their dead, their long, animal-like ears (reminiscent of rabbit or donkey ears) in lieu of primate ears have survived into present day. These ears were likely covered in white or black pelt, with some featuring patterns unique to the individual. They stood around one head height shorter than modern Humans and, judging by their grave footwear, stood more on the balls of their foot than their heels, almost approaching a digitigrade stance in some examples. In general, Lepidosians were more gracile than contemporary Human stock. Lepidosian remains feature large eyes (orbits) and white, brown, or black hair to the exclusion of all other colors.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Given the arrangement of remains within the remaining dwellings, it's currently believed that the Lepidosians either intentionally engaged in polygyny or, perhaps, some genetic factor caused there to be at least three women for every man.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

While simple writings in a curvy script reminiscent of plant life have been found among the ruins of the only known Lepidosian settlement, attempts at deciphering these scripts have met with failure due to a lack of available translations from other scripts. At the very least, these glyphs are believed to be a script rather than simple drawings due to the regular repetition of certain glyph combinations.


The Lepidosians are not attested in any historical record within the Manifold; even the Native Ovinex oral histories make no remarks about 'rabbit-' or 'donkey-eared' peoples, even as far back as the Curved Time. What little evidence of the Lepidosians remain comes to modern archaeologists through mummified remains, skeletal fragments, and signs of long-ruined stone dwellings.   It is currently believed that no more than 2,000 pure-blooded Lepidosians lived within the Manifold at any given time, and it remains unknown if they have any living descendants in modern times; being more morphologically different from Human stock than even Rostrans, it's unclear if they could have interbred with other humanoids present at that time.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Lepidosians are not known to have interacted with any other Lost Tribes, having gone extinct in isolation at some time around the year 1,200 AE.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Lepus
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The Taxonomy of Sentience in the Manifold

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