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Native Ovinex

The Native Ovinex ethnicity consists of any Ovinex who were born and raised in the home islands of the Ovinex and were also not incorporated into High Rostran society at the outcome of the Rostran-Ovinex War. In general, the psychological and social traits ascribed to Ovinex in their species description describe the Native Ovinex ethnicity.


Culture and cultural heritage

Native Ovinex possess the longest oral tradition in the whole of the Manifold, with many aspects of the early years after the end of the "Curved Time" having been deciphered from Native Ovinex accounts. The unnamed Ovinex religion developed from this tradition. Native Ovinex society was once more violent and more prone to slaving, but the outcome of the Rostran-Ovinex War shook Native Ovinex culture to the roots; now, such aggressive tendencies are channeled towards more adventuresome and exploratory efforts.

Major organizations

Ovinex are descended from herd grazers, and the social structures they make for themselves reflect this fact. Dominant males, often the oldest, craftiest, or strongest member of the tribe, function as tribal chieftains. The cheiftain's harem, children, and close male friends serve other important roles within the tribe, with the harems and children of the chieftain's friends making up the remainder of the tribe. Females wield a surprising degree of influence over the male leadership of the tribe, as they usually outnumber the males by significant margins. A tribe of Ovinex fiercely maintains its own turf, though alliances can be formed through an exchange of females between groups. The Ovinex Island Tribes are a catch-all term for the large collection of tribes which currently control Native Ovinex territory through such mutual alliances.   Older and larger tribes often cast out enough Ram Rex to passively enforce territorial boundaries, though the presence of such roving bands of illiterate highwaymen can also spark conflicts between neighboring tribes. Occasionally, bands of Ram Rex will manage to come together and present serious threats to smaller tribes within an alliance. To this end, paramilitary island rangers are employed as a form of coast guard or inter-tribal police force to protect the interests of tribes which cannot protect themselves.
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