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A ba'amba is a short polearm of Ovinex origin, and is particularly useful in the taking of captives. Ovinex warriors used to capture Rostran sailors for ransom or slave labor using this weapon, giving the ba'amba a fearsome reputation in Rostran culture.   One end of the ba'amba is superficially similar to a harpe, a double-edged gladius shape with a billhook protruding from the leading edge. This sharp end can pierce flesh, break bones, or even cause internal decapitations with heavy swings. At the opposite end of the polearm from the blade, the straight haft flares out and is cut off at an angle, creating an edge perpendicular to the haft on the leading side and another edge at the base. These two edges at the flared base are somewhat more blunt to allow for non-lethal (albeit painful) control of a target. A hole is drilled into the side of the base, and a long loop of braided cord is tied through it. The cord attached to the weapon allows a skilled user to both retain control of the weapon and to ensnare the neck or limb of a target to trip or restrain them.  
by BCGR_Wurth
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
The Ba'amba is uncommon in lands not occupied by Ovinex or Rostrans, though variants made of other hardwoods or even polymers have seen adoption by certain law enforcement cadres. Most Ba'amba are custom-tailored to the wielder.
3-5 lbs
Approx. 6ft long. Handle shape/length varies based on the prefferences of the end-user.
Base Price
400 NGC
Raw materials & Components
A typical ba'amba is entirely constructed of specially polished and treated ironwood from the Ovinex home island chain, giving the weapon metal-like strength.

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