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Rostral Tesseract

The Rostral Tesseract is one of the ten tesseracts which make up the Manifold. Cubes falling within this tesseract are notable for their warm climates. This tesseract is considered to lie in the diametrically opposed region of the Manifold to the Caudal Tesseract.


The cubes of the Rostral Tesseract are connected to adjacent tesseracts through the following inflection layer transits:  
  • Rostral A to Eastern B
  • Rostral B to Distal D
  • Rostral C to Western B
  • Rostral D to Medial B
  • Rostral E to Ventral B
  • Rostral F to Northern B
  • Rostral G to Dorsal B
  • Rostral H to Southern B
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Cover image: Ruins in the Red Velvet Desert by Artbreeder


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