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Ereteusutaio (lit. "Twin Greens") is a Rostran and ovinex town located, as suggested by the name, between two broad, grassy hill ranges that form an estuary on Rostral D4.


The local government consists of an elected city council and mayor. For the purposes of representation in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy government, Ereteusutaio is considered a mid-sized island like Peuli.   The local police force is small, but the crime rate is also low due to a combination of economic prosperity, traditionally unifying High Rostran cultural values, a strong sense of local community, and the ubiquity of farmhouse firearms that can be turned to self-defense purposes. On the other hand, because the townsfolk are so close-knit, the rare incidents of violent crime tend to be sudden, spectacular, and leave no corner of the commnity untouched by their tragedy. For this reason, the government sets aside a portion of its budget for mental health services in an effort to detect and pre-empt such violence in the community.


Ereteusutaio is unlikely to be directly attacked soon, given the geopolitical stance of the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy as of the year 10,000 AR, However, there is always the risk of commerce raiding in the region due to the existence of the Avarix Corps from the Red Velvet Desert in the adjacent Rostral A. The presence of Eusiormapu just a commissure away does warrant a measure of concern, though the unrest in that region has yet to spread. For these reasons, the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy Marine Forces maintains a presence in the region to assist in matters the local militia can't handle.

Industry & Trade

The primary exports of Ereteusutaio are agricultural and fishery products (see Natural Resources). The town is self-sufficient with regards to biodiesel, as fuel biosynthesis reactors work very well in the climate and have ample local feedstocks, and some of this is exported. Imports include heavy equipment and vehicles, incuding utility skeletons, as there is only limited local manufacturing capacity for these.


The municipality of Ereteusutaio is connected to other outlying settlements of the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy via little-used highways to commissures on other faces, though air travel is far more common. The roads leading to the opposite face of Rostral D are in a state of constant disrepair because they are seldom used: the nearest town that way is Eusiormapu, and no sane resident wants to go to that lawless place.   The town has its own water treatment, hydroelectric power, and diesel-electric power (see Industry & Trade) facilities. An underwater utility trunk connects phone and telegraph services to the main network in Rostral C while also providing a connection to the Seastorm Thundersnare geocurrent bridge for seasonal peak power demand.


Ereteusutaio is a sparse community, with much of the population living on farmsteads or house boats surrounding a denser downtown region near the estuary. The river splits the town into the Upper, Lower, and Waterfront Districts; most of the Waterfront District consists of the downtown area, the docks, and city hall, while the Upper and Lower Districts are simply farmland on either side of the river.

Guilds and Factions

The Navigator's Guild maintains a Guild hall in Ereteusutaio. The local Burning Hearts pub is small and not well-visited, but is decorated in hunting and fishing trophies as befitting the local experience. MartMart International has a warehouse and bottling plant in the region that it uses to produce generic-label footstuffs. While Unexpectorism is an uncommon system of belief in Ereteusutaio, the local goverment has partnered with the Order of Lyvianne in the past for training and assistance in mental health programs (see Government).   Orthodox Rostran Esotericism is the predominant religion of the region, but around ten residents at any given time are adherents to Knappism. This minority is likely the remotest possible extent of belief in the Forgist Creator - in his guise as the Knapper of Spirits - possible, as parts of Petalcap Vale lie at the direct antipodes from Ereteusutaio. The otherwise orthodox Hierophant of Ereteusutaio, for his part, is happy to minister to the needs of this Knappist minority, regarding the Knapper of Spirits as a source of strength for the laborious lives of local farmers and fishermen.


Ereteusutaio recieves little in the way of tourism for its cultural artifacts, as most people looking to get the 'local flavor' with regards to Rostrans prefer to go somehwere like Exivaun. Instead, visitors usually come to enjoy the warm weather in winter, visit orchards for the 'pastoral experience,' or go hunting in the nearby mountains. The beaches to either side of the estuary tend to get crowded around Eurymaxim as locals and tourists alike seek to escape the cloying humidity.


A fresh water river flows from reservoirs in the corner mountain range of Rostral D4 into the salty lake formed from where the seas of Rostral C burble up through the commissure at the center. Wide, shallow, grassy hills flank this estuary on either side, with only the occasional apple tree interrupting the mild terrain. The soil here is fertile, if salty near the coast, and lends itself well to agricultural activities. The Ereteusutaio city center is built at this intersection of terrain features to take advantage of the fishing and trade as well as orchards and fields. Because most Rostran air assets are amphibious, though Ereteusutaio is cut off from ground access to the rest of the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy by a submerged commissure, the flatness of the terrain and nearness of the lake means it still recieves ample air commerce in the form of 4GW "Dewstar" Liquid Freighter Aerostats and CA-A4 "Porpoise" Multi-Purpose Aerodynes.


As a Medial-associated cube layer in the Rostral Tesseract, days in Ereteusutaio are bright and hot in the summer, becoming mild and damp in the winter. Snow rarely falls in the region except at the very peaks of the nearby mountaintops, but the rainy season replenishes reservoirs in the mountains so that the lowlands remain well-irrigated year-round. The most serious environmental problem for Ereteusutaio is that pools of standing water in the hot climate attract clouds of stinging and biting insects, making the humid summers uncomfortable for more than one reason. Indeed, insect-borne diseases like the Rostral quietus must be guarded against during particularly wet years; vaccination drives and pest control programs take up a not insignificant portion of the municipality's annual budget.

Natural Resources

The region of Ereteusutaio is bountiful with fish - of both fresh and saltwater varieties - seaweed, apples, grains, and rice. Efforts to contain the spread of Penrose fescue are, as expected, only partially successful. Civil ovinex farmers are particularly effective in diminishing the fescue cover in this region because they enjoy eating the plant in a variety of forms, but the best-known quality of the grass is its tendency to expand despite hostile environmental condtions and concerted efforts to reduce it alike.

Alternative Name(s)
Twin Greens
Inhabitant Demonym
Ovutaio (lit. "Green-person"), Greensman/Greenswoman
Owning Organization

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