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MartMart International

MartMart International is a transnational corporate entity composed primarily of a chain of general goods stores known individually as MartMarts. MartMart locations sell a variety of inexpensive goods drawn from manufacturers throughout the Manifold Sky setting, with many locations operating within the free trade zones of skystation or ports to skirt customs regulations and wartime embargoes for profit. While many governments would regard MartMart's activites to be a form of smuggling, the convenience afforded by MartMart locations and their provision of normally inaccessible consumer goods leads most government officials to turn a blind eye.

Public Agenda

While MartMart International's marketing would suggest that it carries cheap grab-and-go goods, the corporation's reach allows it to provide customers with imported items not normally available in the open market in a given locality. For example, a mechanic in the Free Faces League can go into a MartMart and satisfy his cravings for Colonade, despite this being a soda produced at Chateau Blueberry, while a Rostran with a head cold can soothe his sinuses with some of Ghostleaf's Famous Vapor Rub.


In addition to serving civilian customers through corner stores, MartMart convenience stores and food courts are popular gathering places for Navigator's Guild members and airship crews when visiting skystations. The corporation's mobile marketplaces are drop pod-like portable vending stations designed to extend the corporation's reach into the most far-flung parts of the Manifold.


The first MartMart location was a mom-and-pop general goods store established in Intercostia around the year 9801. Lucrative trade with frontiersmen and travelers eventually allowed the business to expand into a franchise and incorporate, operating branches throughout the Medial Tesseract before the outbreak of the War of Reunification.


MartMart International hires private military contractors from time to time to help protect their valuable trade routes - and, some speculate, to muscle smaller corporations out of routes they want to take for themselves. MartMart tends to select mercenary crews based on their location rather than any particular speciality, as, given that much of the Human Arc is involved in an ongoing war, their dedication to service in all corners of the Manifold sometimes runs up against practical problems of security. For example, Otoi Security Enterprises, CCH is often employed at the boundary with the Rostran Arc, while Parasol Private Holdings has been conracted previously to recover lost assets in the wake of fighting on the Medial-Ventral front.

Foreign Relations

Wherever thou art, there's a MartMart!

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