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Order of Lyvianne

The Order of Lyvianne, also known as the Knights of Misfortune, is a charitable religious order within the cult of Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune who provide grief counseling and other services to victims of misfortune. Wherever natural disasters, collateral damage from the War of Reunification, or other great tragedies might appear within the scope of the Church of the Unexpected's reach, members of the Order of Lyvianne will appear to give comfort to the traumatized.


The Order of Lyvianne is a loose, but distinct, organization within the greater Church of the Unexpected. High-ranking members of the order, known as Baronets, are typically those with a lot of organizational experience, whether as long-standing Knights who rose within the order or as long-standing specialist Servants of Ironies dedicated to the service of Lyvianne. There is no centralized leadership; each regional temple with a significant Lyviannite presence has its own chapter of the Order of Lyvianne.

Public Agenda

The Order of Lyvianne dispatches memebers to the scenes of known traumatic events to provide comfort to those affected. In day-to-day life, should a Knight of Misfortune organically witness a tragedy, they may identify themselves and provide their services in a more immediate manner. Because of the organization's high membership standards (see Demography), emergency services personnel in most of the Human Arc recognize the Order's symbols of office and will include them in recovery efforts if safe and practical to do so.


As a charity organization, members of the Order of Lyvianne are generally not paid directly for their services as part of the Order; the work of a Knight of Misfortune is mostly carried out as a vocation of faith in Lady Luck. However, as part of the Church of the Unexpected, they may expect to see their living and operating expenses covered for the duration of an official mission. The Order is generally well-respected wherever it operates, and, thus, recieves donations significant enough to ensure their continued operations independent of the Church itself.

Demography and Population

Joining the Order of Lyvianne is not as simple as turning up to a meeting. Prospective members must either demonstrate a professional background in a related field - typically psychology - or complete a lengthy course of training in counselling techniques before being sent into the field. Though it is a trait more commonly associated with the cult of Veldrin Vance, God of Coincidence, Knights of Misfortune in the present day are keen to pursue evidence-based methods of care.   Many female members of the Order of Lyvianne are also members of the Sorority of Solace, as they regard the missions of these two organizations as convergent interests. In contrast, the Daughters of Misfortune are explicitly barred from participation in the Order, as the ongoing repression caused by the Daughters stands in contrast to the intents of the Order.

Religious, Holy Order
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Starfarer Theta
22 Oct, 2022 01:49

It seems like when the cost of a disaster is tallied the psychological impact often goes unappreciated. I like that you've written about an organization that has a mission to help with trauma.