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Eurymaxim is the Rostran Summer solstice festival. A time of frivolity and family outings, Eurymaxim is a beloved cultural tradition for both High Rostran and Low Rostran cultures.


Rostrans celebrate Eurymaxim with the same degree of fervor that other cultures celebrate the coming of a new year. During Eurymaxim, the Rostran economy slows while all strata of society are absolved of work obligations; each person is to be accorded at least six days off for the festival, with the day of the solstice itself being a mandatory national holiday for all non-essential workers.   Eurymaxim is celebrated with sports and light feasting lasting until nightfall or later. Families spend the daylight hours of Eurymaxim out in nature, with High Rostrans preferring visits to shade-filled parks and Low Rostrans preferring to spend time on the beach. On the evening of the solstice, paper or vellum lanterns are lit and set aloft; it is believed that this part of the tradition may have inspired Rostran tinkerers to create the first airships, which were originally buoyed with hot air in a similar manner to Eurymaxim lanterns.  
In addition to being a state-encouraged vacation and celebration of plenty, Eurymaxim also serves as a popular occasion for romantic overtures. Young, single Rostrans who would otherwise never meet are encouraged to mingle among the various public gatherings which occur during Eurymaxim to, hopefully, encounter one another. For established couples, Eurymaxim is a time to advance relationships, redouble bonds, and set goals for the future.   Esotericists believe that relationship breakups near or during Eurymaxim are said to bring a haunting by Koulvex Twice-Drowned. Koulvex was a sailor who returned to his lover on Eurymaxim after nearly dying in a sea storm - only to drown himself out of grief when she, assuming he had died, had already moved on to courting his closest friend. Some legends even claim that Koulvex and his crew went on to form an ixulova tun.
"Aumato adami, Eurymaxim eretami e ranvolu?"
"My dear woman, will we go to Eurymaxim (together)?"
— In Iuxat, a Rostran man invites his girlfriend to accompany him to the Eurymaxim festivities.
(giggles) "Ai, eunato adami, ami uxanrandoki uxeto."
"Yes, my dear man, I never thought otherwise (and never will)"
— The woman accepts the invitation.
  To avoid the curse associated with such inauspicious circumstances for a breakup, Rostran couples are encouraged to consider their feelings for one another well in advance of Eurymaxim so that separated partners may use the holiday to find new partners. Thankfully for all involved, Rostrans in general are apt to forging happy, long-lasting relationships - many of which begin on Eurymaxim.

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Rostran Esotericism by BCGR_Wurth
Solstice feasts incorporate fish, poultry, pork, and various tropical fruits. In a modern twist, feast items are often refrigerated until at least cool to increase the refreshment provided, with fruit puree ice blocks and blended frozen beverages becoming increasingly popular. Rostran adults frequently partake in Rostral Breeze among themselves during Eurymaxim. While alcohol is an important part of adult gatherings during Eurymaxim, drinking is generally done only at night, with daytime alcohol consumption being mostly confined to food additives (i.e. brandy-based dressing over chunks of chilled pineapple).


Hierophants of Rostran Esotericism are considered essential for a good Eurymaxim. They perform ritual readings from the Ixaba and execute ritual sigils in the name of Ixeunvatio, Ixovaqitetsu, and Ixaumaika during the festivities on the solstice itself. These spiritual leaders are granted leave for all other days of the Eurymaxim festival, as being an executor of the faith does not preclude the need for a break from one's labors under the hot summer sun.


Eurymaxim takes place over the course of seven days, with the summer solstice falling on the fourth day.


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