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Ixeunvatio (lit. "masculine sun spirit") is the spiritual embodiment of the sun, sand, heat, and animal vitality in the Rostran Esotericist faith. Venerated by land-bound Rostrans in general, including both High and Low Rostran peoples, Ixeunvatio is a common subject of ritual sigil attunement among Esotericists.

Divine Domains

Sun, Earth, Animal, Strength; Competition, Celerity

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Ixeunvatio is regarded as a gregarious, vibrant, and multifaceted spirit. His most potent attributes are istegu (strength), ivonela (charisma), and ixa (spirit). Being associated with the motive force of people and animals, he is also sometimes called upon to provide his ingelin (dexterity) and iparda (endurance), especially among those engaged in sport. While both the Knapper of Spirits and Ixeunvatio are associated with iormapu, the former is more related to the endurance of personal tribulations, while the latter is more related to the endurance of physical activity.   Ritual sigils attuned to Ixeunvatio are typically only considered valid if they are drawn on - or with - sand or other sun-dried aggregate materials. Such rituals are typically consecrated with the dawn and considered to lose their effectiveness at dusk; the sunlight must touch the sigil to show that the binding is successful. The exception to these rules is in circumstances where daylight itself (whether literal or spiritual) is what the ritual is meant to invoke (i.e. among prisoners kept in darkened cells). A household ritual space devoted to Ixeunvatio usually features a skylight (or large windows) and a sand pit whichis to be carefully flattened with a broom or broad hoe between rituals precisely to meet these requirements.   Hot spices, red chiles, and mineral salt are the preferred ritual items of Ixeunvatio; among pious chefs, spices are often placed at the central focus of the ritual sigil to bless them in preparation for summer cooking - especially in preparation for Eurymaxim feasts. Ixeunvatio is often portrayed carrying the armos nonengu, using any of the items' various functions as the depiction warrants; in some he uses the item to carry loads of sun-dried spices and sea salt, in others he uses it as a shield, and in yet others he plays it as an instrument next to the campfire. Because of this, a real armos or miniaturized replica is often placed at the focus of Ixeunvatio's ritual sigils and sprinkled with a pinch of salt at the climax of a ritual, creating soft twangs as the grains strike the strings. An armos may also be used to contain sacred spices or to serenade Ixeunvatio as a part of ritual practice.

Tenets of Faith

As the spirit of sun and sand, Ixeunvatio is believed to preside over seaside activites. Ixeunvatio is said to grant his supplicants courage, musical talent, fleetness of foot, a sharp tongue, and protection against the ravages of exposure to hot conditions. Ritual sigils in Ixeunvatio's name are said to provide protection against spoilage for dry goods, as the spirit of the sand is believed to have taught the Rostrans how to preserve their foods through desication in The Curved Time. Practitioners wishing to turn the power of Ixeunvatio against their opponents are rare, but in these cases, the spirit is said to cause the opponent to grow more susceptible to lethargy, sunburn, skin cancer, or foot injuries (i.e. sharp shells or man-o-wars in the sand). Because of this last curse, stippling cages (especially the heated iron ones) were sometimes encircled with ritual sigils to Ixeunvatio before the torture implements were banned in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy.   Ixeunvatio is regarded as one of the easiest spirits to appease, as his light will always come back to the world for as long as the cycle of time keeps turning. If somehow offended (a rare thing indeed), he might withdraw his light from the world, causing dark and forboding skies prone to lighting. As a spirit of sand and earth as well as the sun, he is sometimes said to have only an uneasy truce with Ixaumosana, the spirit of the sea. Because of this, should a ritual sigil of Ixeunvatio and Ixaumosana be drawn in conjunction or in close proximity with one another, they are both considered 'weakened' by this inauspicious placement. Otherwise, because of Ixeunvatio's strong ixa, he can be called upon to enhance the effects of ritual sigils executed later in the same day.


The holiday of Eurymaxim, occuring during the summer solstice, is regarded as sacred in the eyes of Ixeunvatio.
by BCGR_Wurth
Divine Classification
Nature Spirit
Sandy blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden tan or red (varies by depiction)


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