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Avarix Corps

The Avarix Corps is a band of Rostran air pirates with Ovinex retainers as bodyguards, shock troops, and enforcers. Nominally a commerce raider crew that takes letters of marque and reprisal so that the major factions of the Manifold can appear to keep their own hands clean, the Avarix are just as happy waylaying traders and explorers in the periphery without such employers - so long as no victim lives to tell the tale.


The Captains of the various airships and Squadron Leaders of the various fighter wings which make up the Avarix Corps meet from time to time at their headquarters in the Red Desert of Rostral C to discuss jobs and adjudicate the rules of the Corps. This gathering is known among members as the Admiralty Board. Decisions which affect the whole Corps must be settled by unanimous decision; otherwise, for matters involving specific battlefield circumstances or spur-of-the-moment opportunities, any two or more Captains or Squadron Leaders can convene an emergency moot to get the issue handled. Below the Captains and squadron leaders are Right Hands (lieutenants, generally bridge crew), then Scrubs (everyone else who flies), then Grunts (Ovinex bruisers). This chain of command supersedes specialty aboard a ship, though each Right Hand usually manages a department (such as engineering on an airship).

Public Agenda

The Avarix Corps are more complex than mere pirates, but only just. In general, the Corps will allow crews that don't resist the Corps' plundering to live so long as the Corps has a current employer; if the employer is discovered, the logic goes, then it would look bad for the employer to be sponsoring murder. On the other hand, when acting freely or especially when retaliation is threatened by the crew being plundered, the Avarix Corps prefers to leave no willing witnesses. Minors found amongst crews to be killed off will be taken alive to Rostral A to be raised as new Corpsmen.


The home airfield of the Avarix Corps is concealed somewhere in the blood-red, velvety sands of the Red Velvet Desert in Rostral A1. Secret agents of the Rostral A/East B skystation identify valuable targets passing through the region and report back to their fellows in the desert below. The Avarix Corps possesses at least two large parasite carrier airships and three smaller assault airships, with the carriers each carrying a wing of five parasite fighters and each assault airship containing a flight crew, three Ovinex heavies in auto-armor, and six Ovinex boarders. The Corps sports at least three dozen fighters arranged into nine wings in addition to those on the parasite carriers.
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Illicit, Pirate Crew
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