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Eudoxia is an island city-state in Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. Smaller than Exivaun, Eudoxia is nevertheless an important industrial hub, hosting the Eudoxia Chemical Group facilities which produce the eponymous Eudoxium used in goods such as the "Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor.


Like most islands found in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy, the demographic makeup of Eudoxia varies in relation to altitude. It follows that, because the island does not have as high an elevation as Exivaun, the island has proportionally more Low Rostran citizens than High Rostran citizens. Around half of the island's population is Low Rostran, a quarter is High Rostran, and the rest are Civil Ovinex.   Many of Eudoxia's youth use the shipping industry to migrate away unless they've already found local jobs by the time they come of age. This means that the population of Eudoxia is notably older than that of other islands, with some long-time residents fearing that the vibrant halcyon days of the city have left with all the crates of Eudoxium ingots. This perception has not been helped by a recent uptick in criminal activities in the areas where High Rostran and Low Rostran neighborhoods intersect, as the two cultures remain somewhat different despite centuries of cohabitation.


The Eudoxia City Council is an elected, representative governing body which oversees municipal affairs.   While elections are regarded as free in Eudoxia, family and business ties weigh heavily into the decision-making processes of each ward representative. Many Eudoxians claim that Eudoxia Chemical Group, with its lucrative ties to the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy Marine Forces is functionally a city ward unto itself, while others point to the docks and suggest that politicians get their orders from the shipping companies in the same crates that the fruits from Peuli arrive in. In any event, the competing interests of all these tiny constituencies tend to cancel one another out once issues finally make it City Hall, as even the most entrenched politicans know that the Archipelago Parliament will come down on outright corruption happening so close to so many strategically important resources and industries.


Being an important industrial hub for the RAC, Eudoxia is well-garrisoned by RACMF forces at all times. While the city does have a few anti-air emplacements, most of the city's defenive complement comes from this investiture of military units rather than any set fortifications. In a pinch, citizens are encouraged to enter the metro and factory tunnels to wait out any bombardment, though it is not believed as of the year 10,000 AR that this is likely to happen in the near future.

Industry & Trade

Most of Eudoxia's population is involved with the shipping, metal refining, heavy equipment manufacturing, and petrochemical industries, with large proportions of the island's service economy invested in supporting these professions. Eudoxia is a major trade hub, on par with the national capitol in terms of total shipping throughput, though it is notably consumes less in the way of luxury goods than the capitol. Mining is another important industry in Eudoxia; the central mountain has been hollowed out both to extract useful metal ores for local refinement and to produce well-contained below-ground factories and refineries in the spaces opened up by these mining efforts.
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Due to extensive mining efforts on the island, in addition to the usual Rostran ocean access, citizens of Eudoxia enjoy a modern metro system designed to make commutes to and from the factories and docks easier. The two major metro routes run in parrallel to one another in a giant horseshoe orbit around the island, with an inner loop circling the mountaintop facilities and and outer loop tracing the coastline. A network of narrow, paved streets provide surface-level access to all outlying neighborhoods, with small-displacement motorcycles being the preferred method of travel in these places.   Eudoxia possesses full docking, shipyard, and shipbreaking facilities, leaving little in the way of beaches available to the public. A large field partially encircled by the mountain's foothills contains the island's airstrips and skyport; airships are produced in nearby facilities for final assembly and launch at this field.   Power is supplied by a municipal dieseltech generator near the peak of the mountain. Many companies operating out of Eudoxia produce their own power to resolve low voltage issues, selling the excess to the city in exchange for tax incentives. The municipal water supply is derived half from rain runoff and half from a desalination facility, as natural sources have not kept up with demand in recent years. Sewage is processed in fuel biosynthesis reactors, while garbage is recycled by subsidiaries of Eudoxia Chemical Group in exchange for yet more tax incentives.

Guilds and Factions

The Navigator's Guild maintains a presence in Eudoxia, as the trade hub often deals in goods directly imported from foreign tesseracts. A local Burning Hearts Pub helps to provide an outlet for local men looking for something beyond a life of toil.


Eudoxia is very much an industrial town, with little in the way of nightlife or tourism to pad out the civic coffers. This does not mean that the city is bereft of cultural experiences to be had by travellers, but it does mean that one has to be savvy to find things to do during shore leave. For example, the small island town of Peuli, normally overlooked by foreigners, is the site of the famous Temple of the Eosept Lengi and other beautifully-carved marble ruins dating back to the Rostran-Ovinex War antebellum period. Because Eudoxia lies along the same cube-edge heights as Exivaun and other notable islands, it is a good staging point for sightseeing tours.


The island which Eudoxia occupies is part of the same expansive island chain which includes Exivaun, Peuli, and numerous other Rostran settlements. It features a single central mountain which is somewhat elongated along the axis of the cube edge, with one long-side slope descending directly to the coast while the opposite one levels out into a round plane before also reaching the sea. The beaches which originally surrounded Eudoxia have either been developed or fortified against erosion with large, dark boulders hewn from the mountain during mining operations.
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Er/eret/eretova ad Eudoxia; Eudoxians
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