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Dream Journal of Eosept Lengi

The Dream Journal of Eosept Lengi is a famous grimoire of esoteric spiritual knowledge and practice. Thought lost even before the time when the High Rostran and Low Rostran peoples had meaningfully split as cultures, Rostran Esotericists continue to search for the Dream Journal to this very day.


According to legend, Eosept Lengi was a Rostran male who lived in the early Rostran Archipelago Confederacy around the year 4,500. A man known to have an unsettled mind which produced vivid dreams, Eosept claimed to have preternatural knowledge of events past, present, and future.  
As an oneiromancer steeped in Esotericism, Eosept made many startling - yet vague - claims about the fate of the Rostran peoples that eventually turned out to be true, keeping a record of all of his nocturnal prophesies in a dream journal. For example, through this journal, Yosept supposedly posthumously predicted the outcome of the Rostran-Ovinex War - before the war had even started, no less. Furthermore, the Dream Journal of Eosept Lengi was interleaved with drawings and musings regarding various spiritual entities with which he had communed during his nocturnal visions; one of these was later attested to be the Knapper of Spirits - despite the fact that no Rostran had encountered Forgism as of that moment in history.
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  After Eosept Lengi's death, his dream journal was kept by the hierophants of his local tribe for many years, during which it was interpreted by the hierophants to predict the future, leading to their own personal enrichment. It was clear from the last entry before Eosept's death, however, that the journal would eventually become lost due to the hubris of the hierophants. As it turned out, Eosept's native village had been built too close to the shores, and a torrential monsoon swept one of the hierophants' huts - along with the Dream Journal of Eosept Lengi - out to sea in the night. Miraculously, no other villagers died in the incident.

Variations & Mutation

In some retellings, the reason that no other villager died in the monsoon was that everyone else had been drawn into the woods by the sounds of mad whispers purported to have been those of Eosept's spirit. In this version, Eosept was aware of the corruption of his tribe's spiritual leaders and exacted revenge upon them, turning the legend into a cautionary tale.   In some versions of the myth, the Dream Journal was immune to destruction from mortal means and contained distorted tales of The Curved Time. Civil Ovinex are more likely to distribute this version, unaware that they are conflating it with Native Ovinex oral traditions which actually do extend back to that legendary age.

In Art

A small, marble-domed temple exists in the center of the town where Eosept's village once stood. A statue of Eosept holding the Dream Journal, open in his right hand, stands at the center of the temple. Eosept is depicted as completely nude, with a lean frame, unusually large eyes which stare off into the middle distance, and a wide mouth opened as if to proclaim some unknowable truth.   The statue's left hand is cupped to allow the statue to hold a massive, slow-burning candle infused with psychoactive herbs. This candle is lit during the full moon of each month, supposed by Esotericists to be a time where 'spirit-dreams' are most likely to bless the faithful with religious inspiration. During Eurymaxim, the candle is kept lit during the entire duration of the festival, with the previous year's candle replaced at the close of the festival season.
Date of Setting
Circa 4,500 AC
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