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Larkvud (Lark-wood)

Larkvud is an unincorporated community of Vale Verdials dispersed around a large, mountainous island in Western D4.


Larkvud's population is majority Vale Verdial in composition, being only meaningfully bordered by Petalcap Vale holdings via the Western D/Caudal A inflection layer overhead. A few Blackthorn Verdials have made their home in the region, looking for a change of pace from their windy prairie lifestyle. The commissure to the adjacent Western C cube layer - and thus the Western holdings of Voxelia - is deep beneath the chilly ocean, meaning that human immigration of all sorts is highly unlikely. Also, unlike many places under the Manifold Sky, the weather and remoteness of the location have ensured that very few Rostrans visit - and even fewer opt to stay long-term.


The local government of Larkvud is part of the wider Vale's political system, meaning that its local officials and representative members in the Bureau of Legislative Measures are elected through popular votes. For the purpose of elections and votes on ballot measures, all of Larkvud Island is considered a single district.


The isolation of Larkvud is its best defense. Though there are are various groups who might seek to take advantage of such a small community, few have the werewithal to get all the way to Larkvud without catching the attention of either the PCVA or the 1st Expeditionary Marines who patrol the skyborne routes into Western D.

Industry & Trade

The economy of Larkvud is based around trading fish, shellfish, salt, seaweed, and other marine products with the municipality of Petalcap Vale and Godshead Rock. The community imports fuel, medical supplies, textiles, and machine parts to maintain their fishing fleets.


Larkvud Island features a main road that circles the island about a half mile away from the shoreline, with smaller roads leading out to the ports and inland towards the neighborhoods in the woods on the mountainsides. Most commerce and long-distance travel is carried out on motorboats that harbor mostly in the bay to one side of the island.   A combination of hydroelectric and tidal power provides Larkvud with electricity. Fuel biosynthesis reactors produce the biodiesel required for running modern dieseltech systems - such as airship at the two local skyports - as well as providing garbage and wastewater recycling capacity for the community.

Guilds and Factions

The Navigator's Guild maintains a small Guild hall on the island, but otherwise has a relatively small influenece in local life; Larkvud is a relative backwater and, as such, has less need for navigators' services overall. On the other hand, as the rest of Petalcap Vale is the island's most direct trading partner, the Petalcap Vale Customs Authority is a major player in local politics. A Burning Hearts pub on the island serves the tourists who sometimes come to the island in search of adventure on the water, atop the glaciers, or among the snow-capped, forested mountains that make up the surrounding island chain. Lastly, MartMart International has a small franchisee in the region, serving bespoke oddities from around the Manifold to the locals for a grossly-inflated price.


Larkvud has a small, but growing, tourism industry based around outdoorsy pursuits. Aside from the untamed wilderness around the island (see Guilds & Factions), visitors to the mountain at the center of town can take advantage of scenic cross-country skiing, hiking, and game hunting opportunities.

Large town
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Larkvuder(s), Seacap(s)
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