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Petalcap Vale Customs Authority

The Petalcap Vale Customs Authority (often abbreviated PVCA) is a law enforcement bureau which serves the Petalcap Vale municipal government. The Agency primarily handles matters of import, export, and immigration law but, because of the unique geography and ecology of Petalcap Vale, the Agency possesses a wide variety of additional law enforcement powers.


Because of the Vale's location in Caudal D, numerous species with dangerous qualities must be contained within the region to avoid pandemics and invasive growth throughout the Manifold Sky, while careless importation of agricultural products could disturb the balance in the local ecosystem between life forms based on left-handed amino acids and right-handed amino acids. To deal with these risks, the Agency not only possesses an aggressive customs, duty, and immigration enforcement branch, but investigative, forestry, and research branches as well.


The Agency is famous for its perceptive, tenacious, and proactive nature. The unique dangers faced by the residents of Caudal D demand vigilance from the people who live there, and the PVCA is no exception. PVCA officers are well-paid and carefully-vetted civil service employees, a background which encourages a strict 'by-the-book' mentality; when compared to the customs officers of other nations in the Manifold, PVCA officers are singularly humorless.

Public Agenda

The PVCA is responsible for enforcing the customs codes - implemented under the Petalcap Vale Charter of Law - to prevent the importation and proliferation of hazardous Distal Tesseract species into Vale territory. More broadly, whenever there is a risk of Distal or Caudal species spreading into regions where they would constitute invasive species, the Authority is considered to have jurisdiction. While their name would not indicate such a mandate, the Authority has overlapping jurisdiction with local Bureau of Forestry units in the matter of containing invasive species, especially pockets of Distal polyps or billowing hate spores.


All skystations and land connections leading into, or out of, Caudal D are mandated by law to have a well-equipped PVCA checkpoint. The Agency also maintains a headquarters on Caudal D3 which is networked via RadNet to all outlying posts. This building contains extensive records archives and an administrative autonet provided as a diplomatic overture by Data Engines Limited on the behalf of the Commonwealth of C.

Foreign Relations

While the Agency is careful to maintain cordial relations with the Navigator's Guild, Burning Hearts Social Club, and the Sorority of Solace, the tendency of PVCA officers to relentlessly pursue targets has occasionally brought them into conflict with foreign powers. Craterhold companies are famously reticent to prosecute or extradite 'smugglers' who seek to make quick capital off of the illegal import or export of Caudal goods; Holdsmen are regarded by the PVCA as notorious 'duty dodgers' as well. Certain members of the Manifold Conservation Society are wanted by the PVCA on counts of exporting dangerous invasive species (specifically billowing hate), and are to be arrested on site regardless of any protests of diplomatic immunity.
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