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Data Engines Limited

Data Engines Limited (DEL) is the premier producer of dieseltech computers and associated equipment in the Commonwealth of C.


Data Engines Limited is the primary supplier of high-end computing components, code gaskets, and code gasket media to the Commonwealth Parliament , garnering lucrative government contracts with their famously meticulous manufacturing and quality control. DEL operates several manufacturing facilities in Commonwealth and Craterhold territories, with each facility specializing in specific realms of manufacturing related to computation (i.e. blank code gaskets) and the central facility housing both backup manufacturing and final assembly floors. The home offices of DEL are located at Vivaldi Peak so that they can provide in-person technical support to the centers of Commonwealth governance on an all-hours basis. The largest DEL holdings are located in Register; the company also had some precison machining facilities in Cloverwall before losing these with the fall of the Cloverwall Civic Authority.   As of the year 10,000, Data Engines Limited holds several valuable trade secrets, especially with regard to miniaturization. DEL machines are beginning to push the limits of what would be considered possible for physical computing hardware in the Manifold, with 16 bit multi-level architecture that can be interfaced with older fluid- and purely mechanism-based hardware due to astonishing foresight on the part of DEL design staff.

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