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The sleepy factory town of Register in the Commonwealth of C sits atop a valuable strategic facility for the Commonwealth Parliament and the Commonwealth as a whole: the largest dieseltech computer production facility for Data Engines Limited


The vast majority of Register's population are Elovisian employees of DEL, their spouses, and their dependents. A small community of transient supply truck drivers, railroad workers, and service personnel keep the town stocked and operational.


The municipal affairs of Register are handled by an elected town council and a small local bureaucracy augmented with DEL information systems. The council employs three sheriffs to enforce laws, though the town is largely peaceful save the occasional noise complaint or public intoxication incident. Espionage is a concern for the residents of Register, as the DEL facility has attracted the attention of Voxelian Bards-Recursant in the past, though these matters are handled by the sizeable Commonwealth Regular Forces garrison based in the factory itself. The production facility is managed directly by DEL managerial staff.


Because the DEL facility beneath the town is a critical to the national security of the Commonwealth, a sizeable population of Commonwealth Regular Forces is housed in barracks spread throughout the facility. Reinforced access tunnels connect these barracks to pill boxes, surface-to-air missile emplacements, and anti-aircraft guns concealed in the surrounding hillsides. Numerous Commonwealth counter-intelligence officials operate undercover within the facility and the town itself to catch out any would-be spies for Voxelia or, perhaps, corporate rivals like Djanzer Mechanics.


Register has its own well, septic, and auxiliary power utilities, though it taps into a branch of the nearby Liberty Leyline for baseline power. Telephone, telegraph, and RadNet services connect the town to the rest of the Commonwealth. The local rail depot is manned by government officials and the roads into and out of the town feature check stations also manned by government officials; the actual purpose of these officials is to account for everyone entering and leaving the town to prevent important technologies from being smuggled out.   The whole town and the sparse copse of pine trees it occupies sit atop a massive underground factory bunker. This bunker is where Data Engines Limited produces specialized dieseltech computer hardware and software gaskets for use in government and military applications. These constitute the major export and source of income for Register, as most residents are either employees of DEL or service personnel.

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