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Ozhilian is a Voxelian city located on an island on Western C6. Though isolated from the capitol of Silkenvault on Medial A1 by an inflection layer - and from the rest of the Manifold Sky by flooded commissures in all other directions - Ozhilian is a prosperous trading center for various products not otherwise found in The Human Arc.


Ozhilia is almost entirely New Voxelian in ethnicity, with less identification with the Elovisian ancestry than other regions of the Voxelian mainland. Greater than 90% of the population adheres to the doctrine of the Church of the Unexpected, with the remaining population being agnostic (5%), athiest (3%), Biocosmist(1%), or other faiths (<1%).


Ozhilian is governed by a democratically-elected city council. Regional-wide are taken up with the Master Harlequin for the Kingdom of Orzhuad, the administrative district into which Ozhilian technically falls despite its location beyond the Medial Tesseract as a whole.


Ozhilian's best defense is being isolated deep behind Voxelian territory. Coalition Defense Forces hoping to assault the community would have to somehow bypass significant air defenses leading into Medial A from adjacent cubes in the Medial Tesseract before somehow getting past skystation-based defenses in the inflection layer leading into Western C. Ozhilian is also a significant military production hub in its own right, being heavily involved in sourcing materials and producing parts for Grand Army of Voxelia assets like the KF "Knave" Fast Attack Auto-Armor and PM "Paladin" Main Battle Auto-Armor. None of this prevents the island from being a magnet for covert activities, however, and the Bards-Recursant maintain a presence there to help keep spies from Data Engines Limited at bay in particular.

Industry & Trade

Ozhilian is an important part of the Voxelian war effort, providing material support in the form of fishing, mining, and industrial products. Rich veins of olivine and other crystalline minerals (see Geography) make the island upon which the city sits an excellent source of feeder materials for a variety of industrial processes, including steel and endurastahl production. The waters around the island are also bountiful with salt-water fish, while the caldera lake at the city's center has a large population of freshwater fish as well.


Ozhilian is powered with a combination of hydroelectric, geothermal, and solar thermal power. The island recieves plenty of sunshine and water to make a fully reknewable power grid feasible in the long-term, though emergency power can be supplied by burning gaseous byproducts to turn turbines at the local waste treatment plant.   The constant air trade between Ozhilian and Silkenvault necessitates expanded airport coverage for the island municipality. For this reason, Ozhilian has no less than four separate airship landing sites arranged about the island: one for each of the two ports, one for the quarry, and one for general civilian use near the city center. A well-maintained network of roadways connect these airstrips, the important industrial and commercial centers, and the residential neighborhoods among the trees further inland. Service to several small communities in the surrounding islands is provided by a large number of ferries and sea planes.

Guilds and Factions

The Navigator's Guild maintains a guild hall in Ozhilian. The Burning Hearts Social Club presence in the city is comparatively small, but focuses primarily on promoting marine adventures of all sorts, from sailing to fishing to whitewater rafting. The Church of the Unexpected maintains a strong presence on the island, with a narrow majority of local Servants of Ironies being specialists to Selevati, Goddess of Dramatic Irony.


Buildings in Ozhilian tend to be constructed of painted timber or large bricks made from the local dark gray-green stone. This, combined with the tendency of huge webs of creepers and ivy to climb every available surface in the suburbs, can make it difficult to tell from a distance where the city ends and the rainforest begins. Businesses, factories, canneries, and municipal buildings usually have their exteriors cleared on a regular basis to prevent the vivacious plant life from overtaking them in the aftermath of the monsoon season.


The city of Ozhilian sits atop a long-dormant volcanic island in Western C, the coastline of which is shaped like a thick kidney or bean when viewed from above. The caldera of this ancient volcano has widened over time by a combination of subsidence and circumvective erosion. The caldera has subsequently become filled by rain and snowmelt, creating a large freshwater lake that drains into the sea through a river and several small creeks. Pockets of geothermal steam in the region can be tapped to provide power (see Infrastructure) and municipal heating services. A second, lower peak to the side of the caldera arose during a previous volcanic event but was never the site of an eruption itself.   The geology of the island is such that large deposits of olivine, obsidian, and various other crystalline minerals formed through geothermal processes may be found close enough to the surface to allow for easy mining. Indeed, beaches on the island have a notable dark green or black cast as a result of these inclusions, providing a novel experience for beachgoing summer tourists.


Ozhilian lies on a Cube layer in the Western Tesseract, meaning that humidity and precipitation are high year-round. The Voxelian holiday of Rainmaas exists in part because the moisture of this tesseract is such that it even influences the weather patterns of the adjacent Medial A cube layer. A lush rainforest grows all around the volcanic caldera, producing even more moisture at ground level when humidity condenses into clouds and fog among the canopies.   However, while Ozhilian may be a damp place, the weather there is temperate with comparatively mild summers and winters alike. Snow can accumulate at the craggy rim of the caldera during the winter months, but melts well before the end of spring, dashing hopes of a long ski season like that found at Vianne Tributaries.

55,628 (9998 AR census)
Inhabitant Demonym
Ozhiliave (male), Ozhiliala (female)
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