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Selevati, Goddess of Dramatic Irony

(a.k.a. She Who Watches, She Who Looks In (From Without))

Selevati is the Goddess of Dramatic Irony in the House of the Unexpected pantheon. She Who Watches serves as the deific matron of actors, spies, and all those who observe from an emotional distance. Traditionally, Selevati is believed to be the source of all "sunlight" in the Manifold, with Cosmeon ruling over the night that comes when the elder goddess flees.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Protection, Sun; Fate, Inquisition

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Selevati's holy symbol is a human eye wreathed in flames, with a pair of nested cubes reflected in the pupil.

Tenets of Faith

Selevati teaches her faithful to keep their wits about them at all times, to learn secret things, overcome stealth, and penetrate illusions. The cult of She Who Watches maintains extensive archives, journalistic outreach programs, and networks of secret informants. While some followers believe that this level of organization should exist because the Goddess of Dramatic Irony likes to watch the "unspoken fate" of things unfold in real time, most keep the faith because Selevati loves to see corruption and secret iniquities exposed to the light, making her a potent symbol of accountability in the Manifold.

Divine Classification
True Neutral

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