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Coalition Defense Forces

The Coalition Defense Forces (CDF) are the official military structure of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies.



The CDF is comprised of the unified military forces of the Coalition's constituent nations (the Free Faces League, the Commonwealth of C, and Craterhold).


In addition to the unique vehicles that each constituent nation brings to the field (such as the DEL-1 "Concertina" Support Auto-Armor), the CDF also commissions a number of "universal" units to flesh out their air and armored corps. For example, the BF-6 "Fortress" Mobile Stronghold Auto-Armor has seen front-line duty in every theatre of the War, as it serves the overall goals of the CDF in terms of providing an unimpeachable defensive line.


The CDF operates under the shared command of the Coalition's Military Sphere. Generals from every member state coordinate with one another under the current Military Sphere chair, though they are afforded some leeway in terms of how they conduct battles on their own assigned fronts.


As a combined arms force, the CDF benefits from the high degree of tactical flexibility afforded by the use of different doctrines for different regions as applied by different member states within the coalition. Craterhold units can throw hordes of units at an opponent, the Commonwealth maintains excellent supply lines and a high degree of technological development in comparison with other forces within the CDF, and the League brings the heaviest armor and weapons to bear on the enemy. On the other hand, such a diverse array of opinions on how the War of Reunification should be conducted has led to moments where the CDF is paralyzed by an inability to efficiently coordinate actions across all theaters at all times.   If it could be said that any doctrine is shared across the entire CDF, it would be the doctrine of defense-in-depth. Voxelia goal in the War of Reunification is, as the name implies, to reunify the whole of The Human Arc under their geopolitical sphere. In this sense, the War is Voxelia's to lose; in the minds of CDF strategists, the well-entrenched Coalition merely needs to hold out - however long that will take - until their enemy no longer has will or ability to fight. CDF supply lines are close, their soldiers are too invested to surrender, and their fortifications are built up over nearly a century of constant attack. As a result, the overall CDF strategy is focussed less on taking ground than ensuring that the Grand Army of Voxelia pays for every inch of soil it takes before ultimately not being allowed to keep it.


Logistical Support

The Commonwealth of C provides much of the logistical support required by the CDF. As a long-term chair-holder in the Economic Sphere, the Commonwealth interacts with goods and service providers (i.e. the Navigator's Guild) and uses it's advanced governmental dieseltech computer infrastructure to make sure that materiel makes it to the front lines in orderly fasion.


The members of each constituent military force are also members of the Coalition Defense Forces by default, so long as the War of Reunification still requires the existence of the Coalition as an alliance. Occasionally, mercenary crews and other foreign forces seeking to curry favor with the Coalition will be incorporated into the CDF to pad out the ranks of failing frontline forces; it remains to be seen what incentives these forces will be given later in the war to retain their support for the final push.


The CDF came into existence with the First Treaty of Vivaldi Peak, which also formed the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies itself, in the year 9905 AR. Though the position of Chair of the Military Sphere has proven contentious in the past - in no small part due to the political machinations of undercover Bards-Recursant - ambitions related to it have often been checked by the existential threat presented by Voxelia itself. After the Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak, the CDF has been empowered to act on such internal machinations to prevent the dissolution and defeat of the Coalition - after all, a strategy of defense-in-depth is less likely to pay off if the bastion can be broken up from within.
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