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DEL-1 "Concertina" Support Auto-Armor

DEL-1 Support Auto-Armor, nicknamed "Concertina" due to the shape of its distinctive input device, is a form of dieseltech auto-armor designed by Data Engines Limited for various field support roles. Unlike most classes of auto-armor, the Concertina devotes most of its substantial carrying capacity to an oversized, programmable dieseltech computer and various modular hard-points. By sacrificing direct combat ability, the Concertina gains a virtually unheard of degree of utility.   Structurally, the Concertina is different from other suits of auto-armor. The operator dons the suit by entering through a port on the back; this port is bounded on the sides and top by an arch-shaped 'backpack' which contains the diesel generator, compressor, and computer core. At the belly of the suit, a barrel-shaped device with fretted handholds at the flat ends (similar in appearance to a concertina or bandoneon) serves as an input console for the computer core; the operator can remove his or her arms from skeletal arm actuators of the auto-armor for the purposes of manipulating this console. The helmet of the Concertina is spherical, providing a wide field of view. Within the helmet, various small gauges and an array of small nixie tubes serve as readouts for computer outputs.


In a unique advancement, the Concertina comes standard with experimental night vision tubes. Infrared illumination lamps situated over the armor's shoulders saturate a wide area with infrared light, which the operator can see through a stowable eyepiece in the bubble helmet. In early models of the Concertina, this was used for diagnostic purposes, as the ability to see which parts of an engine were running hot would allow to the operator to spot issues with cooling and exhaust systems. In addition to nightvision, the Concertina contains gimbals which allow the user to keep track of how the suit's physical load is balanced.

Additional & auxiliary systems

By installing different model-specific modules and program gaskets, the Concertina can assist the operator in carrying out various support roles within a fighting unit:  
  • The logistics package includes an additional fuel cell, an additional battery, arm hooks for manipulating large objects, and cargo straps. The logistics software gasket includes a simple database that notes the identity, weight, and location of various objects as programmed by the operator, leading the logistics package to be nicknamed the "instant loadmaster kit."
  • The motor pool package also contains an auxiliary fuel cell and battery, but the arms are instead granted rotating carousels containing various tools, various probes and gauges, and a refueling spigot. The motor pool software gasket integrates the tools and probes into the various gauges within the helmet, allowing the user to measure various useful values through the arms (i.e. bolt torques and battery voltages).
  • The command package contains an advanced radio package with simple integrated encryption, noise reduction, and amplification features. The command software package allows the user to link with other radio-equipped auto-armor units, with the nixie tubes becoming indicators of the relative direction to each unit and the gauges becoming indicators of one chosen point of telemetry (i.e. fuel level) from each such unit. Futhermore, the software package can be used to set automatic actions for remote-controlled drones, though its library of actions which can be undertaken is more limited than direct operator control.
  • The scout package features an additional battery, improved remote control functions over those of the command package, two arm-mounted, collapsible parabolic microphones, and more powerful infrared illuminators with adjustable focus. The scout software package uses the nixie tubes and gauges in the helmet to indicate the intensity of nearby sounds and their relative locations within the environment, turning the operator into a skilled tracker. The scout package also allows the user to use remote control drones with output features (i.e. microphones), allowing the user to extend his awareness far beyond his or her immediate vicinity.
  • While produced only in limited numbers, the morale package improves the entertainment talents of the operator. The morale package contains a miniaturized movie projector, smoke projector with integrated reservoir, and an engine-driven wind instrument of the purchaser's choice. The morale software package contains a small selection of carousel-fed films (usually humorous, lewd, or propagandist in nature) and a small selection of tunes for the wind instrument to play at the operator's discretion. Usually, as tradition dictates, an actual concertina is included with the morale kit, though the use of this item relies on the operator's own talents.

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