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"Coffin Suit" Custom Auto-Armor

Greggor Rudd's "Coffin Suit" is a unique suit of dieseltech auto-armor specially designed and constructed by 125 Hands techs. The Coffin Suit, in addition to providing a healthy modicum of protection and allowing its user to carry crew-served weapons (as usual for a suit of auto-armor), features an advanced life support system that supports pulmonary function. This allows Rudd to fight the enemies of The Garbage Man despite his crippling case of polymer lung.

Weapons & Armament

The Coffin Suit is armed with an appropriately-sized fire axe and a high-pressure flamethrower designed to utilize (still experimental) napalm fuel for direct combat. A hardpoint on the right shoulder allows the Coffin Suit to sport a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, though this only sees occasional use.   Rudd always carries an appropriately-sized grease gun as well, though he considers this an auxiliary weapon.

Armor and defense

The Coffin Suit is clad in what Rudd calls his "Death's head carapace," a name derived from the fact that the visor is concealed beneath a visage made of skull bones collected from Tartagloam. The suit mounts extremely heavy armor, impeding Rudd's mobility in combat, but this limitation is meant to be offset by The Garbage Man's ability to instantaneously move troops through what he terms 'summoning.'   For additional ballistic protection, the Coffin Suit is also equipped with an integrated tower shield emblazoned with the crest of the 125 Hands.
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  In addition to staunch physical armor, a hardpoint on the left shoulder of the Coffin Suit allows it to mount a small point defense gun. This weapon is slaved to a harness Rudd wears about his head; as long as he can put his gaze on incoming ordinance, he has a chance to detonate it prematurely using this gun. The gun uses specialized soft ammunition to impart enough energy on the incoming projectile to (potentially) trigger the projectile's fuse, though this also gives the gun poor penetration against other targets.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The extra girth of the Coffin Suit conceals a specialized life support system: a small bottle of oxygen, a filtered air intake, and a compressor controlled via a small dieseltech computer integrated into the suit's power plant. This is because Greggor Rudd is suffering a terminal case of polymer lung and requires clean supplemental oxygen to function on the battlefield.   While his condition would normally preclude him from field operations with the 125 Hands, Rudd's visible disability and zeal for the cause makes him a fearsome figurehead for the movement. The sight of Rudd's Death's head smashing through opposition, his flamethrower causing chaos and creating serious distractions for any who would dare oppose him, is often enough to rout most local forces. If he is ever in real danger, he can rely on two truths to carry him further into the fracas: The Garbage Man can extract him at a moment's notice, and his days are numbered regardless of injury or capture.
Owning Organization
500 lbs
Complement / Crew
1 pilot

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