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Medial B Accords

The Medial B Accords were a set of codified agreements to which all national powers of The Human Arc are signatories. In brief, the Accords are an agreement between these powers that any use of indiscriminate incendiary weapons is thenceforth banned.


At various points in Human recorded history, massive wildfires have beset the Medial Tesseract. Often, these fires would originate in Medial B due to its connection to the hot Rostral Tesseract, though Medial C's dry brushlands and Medial G's geological activity were also occasional sources.   Such wildfires presented a danger of not only burning through an entire Cube layer, condemning the residents there to many harsh years of reconstruction, they would also belch sufficient smoke and sulfurous pollutants into the atmosphere that even adjacent cubes would suffer crop failures, increased respiratory illness, and general misery. As a result of the devastating risks they presented to Humanity as a species, even diametrically opposed factions would temporarily set aside their differences to fight such wildfires at all costs. More than a few inter-tribal skirmishes among the Elovisian peoples found their ends in firefighting efforts; it's hard to convince a man to kill the other man who just pulled him out of a burning building.   While there were a few notable incidents of firebombing which occurred at the outset of the War of Reunification, this shared cultural understanding of the universal danger of fire had largely prevent the application of incendiary weapons even before the writing of the Accords. For the Manifold Conservation Society, however, relying on tradition alone seemed to be a sure path to extinction for the Human race, as the very fact of the War's conduct proved that people could not be relied upon to act with what they termed 'shared purpose.' To this end, the High Administrator and his Administrative Council formulated the Medial B Accords to force the other powers to commit to avoid the indiscriminate use of fire as a weapon of war.

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Because the Conservatorship does not believe that nations can be expected to police their own behaviors, the Accords charge the Navigator's Guild with enforcing rules against the transport of obvious firebombs, flamethrowers, or other incendiary weapons for use in military roles. Members of the NavGuard are granted authority to arrest and detain individuals involved with the use of incendiary weapons.   The Accords establish a multilateral council with representatives from every signatory faction. This council, known as the Council for Fire Prevention (or CFP), has statutory authority to oversee the enforcement of the mandates of the Accord, hold trial for anyone caught violating said mandates, and mete out fines and other punishments to violators. Violators of the Medial B Accords face international sanction, revocation of Guild Contract Card rights, or - in the case of severe infractions - execution by slow-roasting.

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To illustrate pan-Human commitment to the tenets of the Medial B Accords, the Accords are chiseled into a massive obelisk made of Voxelian black marble with the engravings inlaid with League Electrum. This obelisk is situated near the Bunker Primus skyport. Miniaturized duplicates of this monument can be found in Intercostia and aboard the Castle of Aurorae.
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