Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020 Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world. | World Anvil | World Anvil

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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world.
A total of 271 entries

The Treaty to End the 300 Year War

Agreement of the Lasting Peace

Fal Uafrúl Smuggling Agreement

Articles of the Golyan Confederation

The Accords of Nugalalutila and Mar-Yun-Nirga

SC2020 - The Foundation of the City Senate

Ehevertrag von Maron und Daenerys

Albish human peace treaty

The Ellington-Cottingly Beldam Charter

The Tradepact of the Consortiums

Alliance of the Elementals and QuannaCallin

Undead Plague Avoidance

Doctrines of the Mages College

Peace Treaty of Kal Empire and Ashpon Coast

The Burgin Pact with George Washington

Treaty of Liremund and Skiasau, dated ---

Ultimatum of Fundamental Will

The Treaty of the five nations.

Draconic Unification Treaty

The Forester-Veren Unification Treaty

Contract to build the first airship capable of exploring all of Ekkirah

Menerv's document of creation

Magiekundige und Herrschende

The Treaty Of Whitebark Forest

The Armistence of Kaldross

The Declaration of the First Lord Protector

Material Components Acquisition for the Nine Schools

Treaty on Polar Exploration

The Preservation of Empire

The Deed to the House Down the Cape

The Ceros World Trade Agreement

The Aldenia Unification Treaty

Quessite Treaty of Assimilation

Oppersburger Freiheitserklärung

The Erwen-Renvaren Friendship Treaty {stone}

The Enith-Merchant's guild treaty.

Le traité d'unification westienne

A Fiore királyságának megalapítása

Treaty of the Common Ruler

Peace Treaty of the Ukari and Dwarven Peoples

Rockflow and Khazad -Thun Trade Agreement

Great Library Expansion Agreement

Treaty of Veluca; The Lines not to Cross

Centrum Free-City State Proclamation

Treatise of the Ten Cities

The Saxi Chapters of Expansion

Articles of Administrative Restriction

North American Werewolf Confederate Agreement

The Treaty of Rikenvatten [WASC2020]

First Contact and Contract

Rangka Ouar Doyog: Doyog Pact's Contract

Aequam Divisionem - The End of the Remen Empire

The Treaty of The First Unfallen

Treaty Of Peace & Trade With The Dwarves & Elves

The Pact - Malchus' Folly (SC'20)

Thydian Nobility Marriage Agreements

The Treaty of the United Realms

A series of Declarations for Eshaque

Pact of the Dhalmanite Alzufhars

Unification through Unified faith

The Dictations of Separation

Concordance for Survival Treaty

The Declaration of the Empire of Kyrn

The union of the cliff and the mask

Whitesteel Autonomy Decree

Carta de Logu and Carta de Liga