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Allegran Accords

The Formation of the Allegran Alliance

After the fall of Medale, the remaining capital cities realized that independance was not a permanent option. Despite living behind strong walls, the goblins showed that even disorganized rabble could threaten their safety. With this in mind, the leader of each human capital agreed to draft a treaty; an alliance of humans from all across Allegri that would bind them to their brethren. As the first step towards a unified continent, it was a massive collaboration and several times nearly resulted in outright war between cities.
Eventually the three leaders managed to agree on one thing; despite their cultural differences and great distance from each other the cities needed a single ruler. It couldn't be any of the men who would sign the treaty. Thus, the title of Mansa was created. Someone that would represent all citizens across Allegri. They would be kings and queens, rulership passed down from generation to generation so, in practice, they would be seperate from the common people and able to make impartial and difficult choices should the need arise.


This treaty was drafted by the leaders of the Allegran capitals after the siege and destruction of Medale. Once the second goblin war ended, it remained apparent that without proper coordination among themselves, outside forces could still threaten the established human settlements.

Historical Details


In all aspects this tready was intented as an iron-clad bond between cities aimed to improve nearly every aspect of life for every citizen. By formally declairing all human cities as allied, anyone would be welcomed into any city, for any reason. Regardless of where someone was born, they would be taken in at a human capital should they be seeking safty from danger or wishing to sell their crops.

Public Reaction

When the treaty was finalized there were major celebrations across every city. Since the news of war had been all the common folk had heard in several years, gaining powerful new allies was an incredible relief to those still fearing another goblin army may appear at their gates.
At this time rumours of a mage leading the army of goblins stoked the fear of 'dark magic' and tension was bubbling to the surface, especially among the less educated. This allowed the more scientific minds that followed Vusin to branch out and establish the Dannamore to progress their study of the metaphysical as a science without the oversight or religious heirarchy of the churches.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
Morai 16, 3746 NS
Signatories (Organizations)


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