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Government of Allegri

The three major settlements across Allegri make up the capital cities of the Allegran government. All three cities have strong defences, trained soldiers, high walls, and anti-siege equipment.

Throughout history there have been hundreds of hamlets, thorpes, and towns that crop up for various reasons and nearly without exception they are harried, harassed, and raided by marauders until they end up fleeing their homes. Generally, the primary threat to those living outside the walled capitals are kakornio, a species of violent, vulture-like humanoids who prey on the vulnerable.



The mansa is the unifying leader of the ruling government. They impose laws and delegate management of the entire continent to those they see as capable. Although many elements of the cities and outlying settlements are self reliant, they are responsible to the mansa and Allegran government for all assets under their purview.


Governer Prince

Each city has it's own method of selecting their governor prince. Each capital has specific ways of organizing their elections, how long each term served as governor prince lasts, and who is eligible to vote or run in the election. Most of these processes are left over from before the Allegran Accords, when the cities managed themselves through crisis after crisis. The Mansa occassionally has a hand in the various processes, but often stays distant so as to appear impartial and allow the cities to feel autonomous.


City Councils

Each capital is run, day-to-day, by a city council. Usually a city council consists of seven individuals nominated for the position or sometimes directly appointed by the mansa. Common titles include, ministers of science and technology, finance, public wellness, arcane research, justice, and diplomatic affairs. There are is no legislation regarding how many city council members are appointed but each city usually maintains an odd number of members, between 5-9, and may appoint temporary members to fill specific needs.

Demography and Population

There are many kinds of folk across Allegri, however the vast majority living in cities are humans and were established with the needs of humans first, with the exception of Clavier, which was co-founded by Fortum elves and humans. Clavier has the highest non-human population of all three capitals, mainly Fortum elves, who makeup roughly a third of the permanent residents.   Other significant groups of non-humans include the heblin who settled in the Oakwagon district of Etude, and the surviving dwanar that fled to Stretto after the destruction of Medale.


Most folk that live in the capital cities of Allegri worship the Speaking Gods. They are prominently acknowledged in public, governemnt, and private buildings. Shrines to individual deities are frequently built in locations associated with specific deities; for example, most lawhouses have iconography to Maenar throughout their decor.
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3746 NC
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Market economy
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