Legacy of Visions

Staff of Eons

Passed down throughout centuries, the Legacy of Visions is an ancient symbol of rightful rule and legitimate leadership. Part of a retired set of legal practices, this elaborate staff is no longer used to signify status. One-of-a-kind and priceless, this artifact still contains immense magical power and is at the disposal of the Mansa in times of need.
In ages past not all humans were capable of the cooperation they now exercise. Various groups fought for any number of reasons before the Allegran governemnt was established and it is now viewed as a very dark and uncivilized time in human history. As intelligent predators and savage magical creatures pushed humans to work together for survival, it became clear that someone needed to direct them. Hundreds of years passed while the humans of Allegri tried to establish a leadership system, a government, and a civilization. Eventually they developed the Legacy of Visions and a system to fairly designate a leader that everyone would follow.
During a ceremony the Staff of Visions would, following specific criteria, choose the next leader. When held by an individual, the runes decorating the silver handle glow softly and the crystal bowl at it's top emanates a steady light that gives off a gentle heat similar to sunlight. They called this leader Mansa and their rulership would be absolute.
The ritual to designate a new Mansa has been lost and the role of Mansa has changed over the centuries, however, this relic is still passed down ceremonially from ruler to ruler. No one holding the title of Mansa has used it's rumoured magical abilities in generations; whether this is because the staff refuses to acknowledge these leaders or they simply choose not to use them is not common knowlege.
Many of the crafting and enchanting techniques used to create the Legacy of Visions have been lost since it's creation. Even modern techniques that detect and identify mundane information about an object fail when used on the staff - it is impervious to all known forms of supernatural and magical detection and rumours say it imparts that trait to any Mansa who holds it.

Physical Description

5' long and weighing nearly 4lbs., the Staff of Visions is an elaborately decorated magical staff primarily made from wych elm. The wooden core is a medium-tone reddish brown with natural variation throughout the grain. A 4" silver grip has been attached, currently sitting 18" from the head of the staff with intricate and finely embossed runes that glow faintly when near any source of magic.
The bottom of the staff ends in a durable silver-like metal cap decorated with carvings of fine laurel or bay leaves that wrap upward approximately 8" along the shaft. The very bottom edge of the metal cap is detailed with a line of runes carefully carved to match the larger markings on the grip.
The top of the Staff of Visions is capped in the same strange metal as the bottom, with similar vine and leaf designs descending the wooden core approximately 6". At it's head the metal is cast into an ornate cradle of laurel leaves that effortlessly holds a single, 5" bowl-like, sphere, made from an iridescent crystal that catches and reflects light, even when kept still or in near-complete darkness.
Item type
Current Holder
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Alternate Names

Staff of Eons
Staff of Visions
Gift of the Mansa


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