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Tomas Kindel

Protector of the Flame

Immediately elevated as the Mansa's personal guard as part of her coronation, Tomas truly believed that Desdemona couldn’t handle the responsibility and urged her to abdicate the title. When she refused, he decided to ensure her success as best he could. He has coerced, intimidated, and bullied anybody who stood in opposition of his Mansa. He is not well-liked, even by Desdemona, but excels in his position and has earned either the respect or enmity of everyone in his sphere of influence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in Etude, Tomas worked with his parents from the age of six to keep food on their table. His parents weren't happy to rely on their youngest child but had no other options and had him doing a variety of tasks, mostly physical labour, to help however it was needed. Even though they were poor, his family owned several sheep that they bred for wool, milk, and meat.


Early Career

Tomas enrolled in a military training program in his early teens. Initially he showed very little natural skill with weapons and was relegated to menial tasks for much of his early career. Knowning that he'd need martial skills as well as tactical training, Tomas invested what little money he earned in tutors who could teach him both practical and theoretical combat abilities.

Long-Term Station

His hard work finally paid off after several years and Tomas secured a coveted position as a palace guard in Etude. Still a teenager, he learned young that hard work doesn't always immediately pay off and was surprised to find that his commanding officer was barely a year older than him and recognized that he, too, could achieve such a station.

Cleft Personal Guard

Current Location
Year of Birth
4085 46 Years old
Light blue
Straight black and full beard w/ grey streaks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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