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As a rule, much of human history is recorded across Allegri. Vain as they are, humans have built great libraries full of books and papers writen about their victories, failures, and experiences.

Subspecies & Modern Cultures
  • Allegran
  • Voreios
  • Notian

  • Physiology
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Skintone & Facial Features
  • Ears
  • Hair Colour

  • Culture
  • Ettiquette
  • Fashion

  •   All across the globe humans are easily found in wide variety. As a race they display a great ability to adapt to their surrounding and in situations where adaptation won't suffice they often mould the surroundings to their needs by inventing new practices to create places of comfort.   With an incredible sense of purpose and driven to expand, humans are one of the dominant species on the surface. Their cities and towns sprawl, constantly growing and they show their tenacity. The primary human culture is relatively civilized and cosmopolitan. Humans display great ambition, even among their lowest social caste and take pride in whatever endeavours they pursue. Although they have comparably short lifetimes, humans take great pain to ensure their legacies surpass their own mortal existence. Their motives are many and can change several times within their lifetimes.

    Basic Information


    The physical characteristics of humans are as varied as the world’s climes. From the dark-skinned tribesmen of the southern continents to the pale and barbaric raiders of the northern lands, humans possess a wide variety of skin colours, body types, and facial features. Generally speaking, humans’ skin colour assumes a darker hue the closer to the equator they live.

    Biological Cycle

    Humans mature at a comparatively fast rate. Many long-lived races, such as elves and gnomes, are shocked when they realize how quickly their friends and neighbours reproduce and age.   Physical Stages of Development; Infant > Child > Pre-adolescent > Adolescent > Young Adult > Middle Adult > Old Adult

    Civilization and Culture

    Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

    Many folk of other species find humans to be impatient to the point of rudeness, ambitious beyond reason, and completely reckless with their own wellbeing. Of course those same characteristics can be considered noble traits and there are facets of the human race that almost any outsider can relate with and admire.   The majority of humans look upon other races as curiosities and either useful or nuisances. Their longstanding partnership with elves and gnomes gives most humans a positive view of those races, however such unwritten alliances have allowed for antagonistic behaviour between the races on certain occasions and in the regions where conflict occurs often public opinion differs from the vast majority of human civilization.   Among the species currently in power, humans are the most likely to create personal connections among disparate groups, especially adventurers. Humans will happily enjoy the company of elves, gnomes, halflings, and even more uncivilized species such as dwarves and orcs. When a human builds a bond they often maintain that bond their entires lives.
    60-90 years
    Average Height
    Female: 5'3" - Male: 5'8"
    Average Weight
    Female: 136lbs. - Male: 158lbs.


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