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City of Glamour

One of the most magnificent views from all across Allegri are the pristine walls of Stretto. With fortifications reaching over a hundred feet into the sky, Stretto is a shining beacon of what humanity can build when they work together towards a common goal.
  Thousands of years of development and construction have been put into making Stretto into a beautiful fortress. The city has withstood and repelled dozens of attacks by marauders and hostile wildlife, not to mention other threats that come with being out in the open plains.   WIP Needs fleshing out   Points to elaborate;
  • Stretto is well known for its wealth.
  • Stretto is the least friendly city to demi-humans.
  • The humans trade crafted goods and weapons for fresh vegetables and herd animals from nearby demi-humans.
  • Stretto is not modest about its wealth; private and public buildings within the city are elaborate and ornate.
  • Fellowship of Crushing Justice, a highly trained holy order of knights does tours outside the city walls to keep the aggressive environment under control. The laymen/militia members are somewhat corrupt so not all locals trust them.


Ironically, Stretto is both the most bigoted capital city and the most diverse. Clavier may have the greatest non-human population due to the high concentration of Fortum elves, but most of Stretto was originally built by non-human slaves and members of the Josille caste of unregistered citizens. While humans have come a long way, many of the people who rebuilt the city after the coup brought old predjudices with them that still linger in the city hundreds of years later.


Literally thousands of years old, Stretto has grown and changed more than any of the other capitals. For the first thousand years it existed as a large village of tents before enough people settled long enough for them to build some of the first man-made structures of the region. Although the city has always been called Stretto, when discussing the city prior to the Allegran Accords the current trend is to call the city 'Olde Stretto' to make the change in governments distinct. The transition from a tyranical monarchy to a confederation was not smooth and the city infrastructure nearly collapsed from the violent riots, protests, and 'displays of unlawful behavior' that frequently included elements of a sexual revolution that had been culturally suppressed for over a hundred years. This name is most often used when also trying to include the events that led to the Citizens Insurrection of 3744NC and subsequent 'growing pains' that allowed Stretto to be instrumental in unifying the human cities spread across the continent.


As a city primarily protected by a fellowship of knights dedicated to law and the higher principles of ethics, Stretto has many more laws in place regarding the construction or rennovation of buildings - they must all be approved by the city. The city has their own Construction & Carpenters' Guild and all work must go through them.
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