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Camel Bone Clan

Svaté velbloud-kosti

The largest clan across the entire tribe are the 'Camel Bone'. They hava the largest investment in cattle and working animals of all others. Mostly consisting of Mekki Hloupý, every familial 'pod' is tasked with maintaining twice their number of working animal.   The clan as a whole has some very peculiar characteristics; -Other clans tend to group themselves in bloodlines, mothers and fathers caring for their children and so on. Among the Camel Bone the only constant companion among them are the two animals they must care for. Children aren't forcefully removed from their parents, but the connection between blood (and even species, to a reasonable extent) isn't prioritized. Originally this tradition was likely for survival; the animals were the key to their clans' survival. -They have the best understanding of crafting punts & sculls and build them for other clans as a type of profession/trade that doesn't exist in other clans. The knowledge and skill to make the vehicles are not universal among all members of the clan but there is a significantly higher baseline understanding among them of applied physics and practical engineering. -With likely double the population of any other clan, the Camel Bone rarely stop moving for more than a few days and have organized squads of hunters roaming the surroundings at all times while also continuing the traditional task of tracking and scavanging Spherestorms.
Clan, tribal nomadic
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approx. 75,000
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