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Blue Soul Clan

Modri duk

One of the youngest clans to form, the Modri duk are a clan descended from contemplatives and spiritualists who separated from their original clans over a century ago to pursue their own ideological goals. Many who joined at the time felt that hunting and killing were 'wrong' but had difficulty understanding the corrolation between violence and personal emotions. Properly communicating the concept of non-violence was practically impossible due to linguistic and cultural limitations at the time.
They invented words for concepts like pacifism and non-violence while also exploring the relationship between emotion and action. Until the formation of the Blue Soul clan, violence was an integral part of living on the planes. Instead, these innovative folx chose to take a more difficult path and began exploring their consciences and acting on what seemed correct, not just easy, traditional, or profitable for the clan.
As the only clan with public philosophy of 'life before tradition', other clans will frequently bring their internal disputes to the leaders of the Blue Soul clan for resolution if there is no clear-cut and obvious resolution. Among the Uklidnit Pastvina Tribe, their ancient laws and traditions have no relevance to the modern and varying needs clans face in a world that's changing around them. When their history and personal experiences don't hold the answers it's customary to search for answers within the tribe before attempting to invent justice. This often results in extended meetings between clans where the leaders exchange information and learn from one another.
Differing from the the more survival-focused clans, members of the Blue Soul clan practice and teach a type of pacifism they've come to call 'preservation pacifism'. In a world full of dangerous predators and violent species' of supernatural magic, it's difficult to justify a philosophy of 'do no harm'. Many members of the clan believe that eventually totally removing violence from their lives should be an ideal to attain, but is not a practical view to hold in their current lives.
Due to the frequent and positive interactions with other clans, the Blue Soul clan has grown into one of the largest modern clans and is unique by commonly having social ties outside their own clan. Other clans will sometimes travel parallel to the Blue Souls' as a sign of gratitude for past interactions and community within the tribe as a whole.
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