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Rumblechaser Clan


One of the larger clans among the Uklidnit Pastvina tribe, the first northerners who made contact with the tribe mistranslated their clan name as 'thunder rumble', assuming they named themselves after the frequent lightning storms and violent winds found on the prairies. This is partly accurate in that Hrom'Rachot are the most likely clan to be seen chasing a storm of any kind. Their clan is particularly focused on learning about the spherestorms and they employ long range scouting parties with hunters who will break-off from the group to chase down a spherestorm. Most clans prefer not to send hunters into the storms alone but the Hrom'Rachot do not share this hesitation among the hunters, and even their youngest adult wouldn't hesitate to step into an active spherestorm if the risk was worth the reward for the clan.
  When anyone from the Allegran cities mentions a 'grasslander' they're probably thinking of the Hrom'Rachot clan, specifically. As the largest and therefore most visible clan of the Uklidnit tribe, it would be understandable, yet incorrect, that their limited contact would lead to the assumption that all vererant people are from the same stock. The distinctive apparel of the Hrom'Rachot is what quickly distinguishes them from the other Uklidnit clans.  
There are many ways that each clan expresses itself within the whole of the Uklidnit tribe but the Hrom'Rachot clan functions on a wholly unique model and barely holds to the standard method of governance. Other clans have three groups within the clan with a relatively balanced distribution of authority and power. The Hrom'Rachot have Moudri-Vud and *unnamed leadership group*, however the Hunters have firm authority over how the clan manages their resources and the general priorities of the clan.
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