The Uklidnit Pastvina Tribe

Grasslanders & Prairie Folk

Within the Uklidnit tribe there are roughly a dozen clans; smaller groups that usually consist of 3-5 families who have intermingled through romantic attachment or for survival during an emergency. It often begins with the later and ends with the former. The clans generally survive independently from the others except during extreme events such as a natural disasters or conflict with kakornio hunting parties, they'll sometimes set up their camp together for added security. The different clans are still united as one tribe across the southern prairies and recognize other clans as friendlies, even if they haven't had much previous contact.
One of the core principles of life among the vererant, otherwise known as 'grasslanders' is that change is a neutral force in the world and is ultimately inevitable. While many of the practices that support their beliefs are common across the entire tribe, leaders from individual clans often have very different approaches to the lessons.
Although the term 'elder' is used frequently among the Moudri-Vud, there are no age restrictions associated with the role. Some clans consistently have younger leaders due to their clans' priorities and the lifestyle choices they make surrounding those priorities. Most clans roam the prairies without much direction until they find something to follow or to find fresh water. They only own what they can carry and usually weapons, tools, and equipment are shared as needed among the clan members. Outside of special celebrations, the same attitude is taken towards food, useful resources they might find, and the division of work.

Turn change into growth.

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Grasslanders, vererants (vulgar)
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