People of the Prairies

Even though there are only superficial physical differences, these nomadic humans have a completely different life experience than those who live in Allegran cities. It's unknown how or why some humans chose to stay away from the safety of the walled cities but they continue to actively do so. The Hrom'Rachot have many strong traditions and a culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of the tribe. Many of their traditions come out of necessity, such as their legendary skill to track and predict spherestorms and the kouzelina'kevtina they harvest from the metaphysical disasters. To the ignorant it would seem that the wood-like bark is merely a useful material that adds to their menacing reputation. And this is true to an extent but also a much larger asset than outsiders generally realize.


Average technological level

The people of the southern plains are not a scientific folk and work with basic materials to craft simple and strong tools to survive. They do not use heat or fire for smelting or crafting, sticking to lighter materials like wood and leather - although even these tend to be simple carvings and untreated, dried hides. The main exception is their development of a unique type of alchemy surrounding the kouzelina'kevtina, the flowering shrubs left behind after a spherestorm. The incredibly diverse effects available by treating and combining the various part of the plant seem to be limited only by the quantity of the shrubs. Many have old family recepies for unique ways to create concoctions that have different effects.

Coming of Age Rites

Despite their lack of spirituality, the whole tribe participates in many of their traditions faithfully. One such tradition is called The Hunters' Sojourn. When a child has grown enough to handle the tools used to hunt, they may declare their desire to train with the clan hunters. Usually the youngster will privately speak with their family or close friends beforehand and there are very few circumstances where a family wouldn't support their decision but help the child understand their role in the tribe.
  For more information please follow this link: The Hunters' Sojourn


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