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Stone Oracle Clan

Skalavestec Pribuni

The leaders of the Stone Oracle clan, their Moudri-Vud, are known throughout the entire tribe as experts in building traps for both hunting and protection. According to their oral history an ancestor of the clan somehow gained the ability to speak and understand the very land they traveled. From the land itself he learned how to track, trap, and kill prey much more efficiently than ever before in their history. Even though it's an ancient story, every elder who grew up listening to the tale secretly still believes it's true, or at least wishes it were. After all, there are storms capable of lifting a horse off the ground or reversing gravity alltogether!
Despite having no actual evidence of this person ever truly existing, every member of the clan knows his stories and the many different tales are told frequently around the fires with different variation being told depending on who's in the audience. Some versions are used as parables to help teach their children how to survive in the harsh plains but others are purely for entertainment and can be quite bawdy when told among a group of young adults.
Within the Uklidnit tribe there are roughly a dozen clans; smaller groups that usually consist of 3-5 families who have intermingled through romantic attachment or for survival during an emergency. It often begins with the later and ends with the former. The clans generally survive independently from the others except during extreme events such as a natural disasters or violence with the kakornio hunting parties, they'll sometimes set up their camp together for added security. The different clans are still united as one tribe across the southern prairies and recognize other clans as friendlies, even if they haven't had much previous contact.


The tribe as a whole are human nomads who descended from other human nomads. Due to violent conflicts with the kakornio raiders and no other established humanoid species surviving in the region, the ancient bloodlines remain strong and their physical features are obvious to anyone who knows what to look for.
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