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First Sewyn Messenger Service

The building itself has been rebuilt several times over the centuries, but it has always been home to the first ever Sewyn Messenger Service depot. One of the first companies to offer horseback messenger services to anyone who could afford it, the Sewyn family was there at the beginning and is now once again transforming the very fabric of Allegran society with the invention of the Sewyn Messengers' Charm, a proprietary spell that specialists within the company can use to make communicating over vast distances more easily available.
Every iteration of this building was designed to serve the same purpose. Original structures were half horseshed or barn and treated the horsemen like horses. As the company grew, they continued to mould and define the culture as leaders of the industry. Now, the massive square building has a small stable on the main floor where the on-call Lettermaster are waiting and the back side is a small stable where horseback messengers shelter their steeds.
Upstairs is a series of rooms with various pre-enchanted objects that use the Sewyn communication charm. Currently there is a large remodel on half the rooms to integrate some of the new applications of the spell that require certain fixtures and physical props. These rooms are currently in high demand as arcane-based communication has become somewhat of a fad, especially in Stretto, where the Sewyn family has strong roots.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the company itself was originally to promote the dissemination of information which had been, until then, strictly controlled by the monarchy. As a family of consistently shady individuals, the Sewyn liked to explore ways of surviving like parasites, going as unnoticed as possible and employing any illicit means necesary to get their way. They weren't the only family with a reputation for such things, however it's worth noting that the official description of their services includes more than 30 (thirty) pages of wordy nonsense that has stood for centuries as proof that the Sewyn family could talk their way into anything.
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