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Olde Stretto Skydock

Since the Allegran government took over in Stretto and began to strictly monitor the mobile property industry it's changed how the previously lascivious industry was perceived by the general public. Whereas the previous city leaders criminalized anythings seen as derisive or deviant, the Allegan government sought to control and monetize it. This acceptance eventually led to much of the human population slowly becoming more tolerant of their nonhuman neighbours, be they elf, heblin, or other humanoid. Stretto has come a long way but accepting a species without a face or shared culture is still beyond contemplating.
Regardless of it's societal influence, this building is a beautiful asymetrical arch that reaches further into the sky than any other within the city walls by a significant margin. Almost no other buildings peek above the high walls but the skydock not only reaches hundreds of spans into the air but supplies the premium (and only) boarding service for the four differnt airship living companies in the city. It's often called the 'second most arcane building in Allegri', acknowledging that the Dannamore Ivory Tower is considered the obvious first.

Purpose / Function

To get the whole industry off the ground, literally, the Khegsar family invested their entire fortune in designing and constructing this tower to serve as a warf for future aerial structures. The seemingly bizarre structure is one of the many ways the Khegsar influenced the evolution of the entire industry in thier favor from the very beginning.


Supported by experienced architects and powerful metaphysical arcanists, the Khegsar family designed every corner of this massive structure to emote a glamorous and vibrant atmosphere. Especially the lower portion of the exterior has been vigilantly maintained since the initial construction.
Higher up the docking doors are spaced futher apart than the lower levels since larger airliners are designed with their gangways near the lowest level of the structure. This allows smaller vessels or even the occassional aerial mount, space to leave their vehicles within the city walls.
  14ft per floor on a luxury airliner, Khegsar Mens' Resort liner & one other 'luxury-tier' airliner
12ft per floor on standard airliners, they do not have as many amentities like shopping but do still have grocery markets and plenty of open space plazas and green parks maintained by a combination of experienced gardeners and the precise application of arcana when necessary.
10ft per floor on the aerial 'slumliners' - NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - maybe three independent liners
Alternative Names
Snitch's Line
Parent Location


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