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Dannamore Ivory Tower

Academy, Dormitory, & Research Center

This old and massive tower looms over the entire northern quarter of Etude. The tower grounds include several attached buildings and large decorative courtyard where events are held almost daily for visitors, staff and university students.

Purpose / Function

The ivory tower is the oldest and primary building currently owned by the Dannamore. It houses the majority of their classesrooms, research labratories, and inventory.


The tower itself is closed to visitors but the courtyard immediately outside the grand entrance is included in daily tours hosted by Dannamore hospitality staff. People from all corners of Etude come to see the elaborate and gigantic building for any number of reasons. Many youngsters visit to fuel their dreams of one day attending formal education at the university, while others live their entire lives in the city without seeing it until they make the intentional excursion.
There is a small shop facing the courtyard that sells trinkets and momentos for tourists and two or three days every month during the summer they host 'market days' where they set up booths, stalls, and tables for merchants to come and sell wares with priority given to sellers with direct ties to the Dannamore.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Tower
College / Academy
Owning Organization


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