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Analytics, research, development, experimentation. Humans enjoy innovation. Practical applications of both old and new technology and finding creative ways to co-mingle arcana with developing sciences.
Before the Dannamore, the independant and conflict-ridden history of the humankind homeland would not allow for longterm scientific projects or the study of so many different aspects of the world. With the signing of the Allegran Accords and the new saftey walled capital cities could offer, it was now a viable option to keep all the disciplines of study under one roof. Previous to this nobody knew how far such an endeavour could go. Metaphysical research was done in caves, huts, and by singular practitioners. Now, large groups of invokheir from every background and tradition can collaborate and build off the discoveries of others.
The institute has grown substantially over the past 381 years. Various branches of the organization now exist with varying levels of access to the research and knowledge amassed. They are one of the most powerful groups within Allegri and are the keen minds behind the mingling of chemistry and arcana that produce lats, the only currency recognized by the government of Allegri.
There are two public branches of the Dannamore that are overseen by the Governing Board of Trustees. In current years these folks are some of the most highly educated and intelligent people within Etude and most have achieved a moderate level of celebrity among higher society for their varied achievements.


Always the most visible sector of the Dannamore, many Etites aren't even aware there is more behind the organization aside from their educational endeavors. They're reknowned for bringing sweeping changes to the city of Etude by establishing the first formal centers of education (schools) for children and providing free, public literacy classes to their caregivers. Over time, this created a baseline dependence on thier services as more people began to use and depend on reading and writing in their every day lives.
Now, the educational branch of the Dannamore has agreements with the government and dozens of other organizations to provide education for countless reasons. They even teach teaching skills and then hire those new teachers to teach more teachers! In addition, they consistently exchange information with the other branches of their organization to keep their programs up-to-date and remain the preminent educators across Allegri despite others who've attempted to duplicate their success.

Research & Development

During the early days a split developed among the members of the Dannamore. Some members were happy to spread the knowledge they already had, while others wanted to continue expanding their understanding of the world around them. The later segment eventually became the research and development branch of the organization and are responsible for some of the most valuable improvements to the quality of life among all Allegrans.
Another arm of the Dannamore organization exists but has only taken shape within the past decade and is not public knowledge - the Recovery & Exploration Division. This rapidly expanding venture has recruited hundreds of adventurous individuals with the ultimate purpose of uncovering ancient history and knowledge that has been somehow lost.

Public Agenda

The Dannamore has a curated and pristinely manicured public image. This began only a years after the founding members established themselves as an organization and quietly began helping others by spreading knowledge. It wasn't intentional but they built a large and loyal following of people desperate for help among the throngs of citizens within the city.
Now, centuries later, they are analytical and precise with the way they present themselves to the world. With so much influence, they are aware that one mistep could ruin the goodwill they've built or worse, endanger those who've depended on them for generations. This is why they've kept aspects of the organization away from public eyes.


Being the literal source of modern currency, the Dannamore is wealthy in nearly every sense of the word. The organization itself wants for very little in the material sense, however with their ever-expanding portfolio of resources it seems like they consume nearly as much as they aquire.
The main focus for most of the members is the aquisition of knowledge, which can only be achieved with the appropriate resources. In that vein, there are now dozens of smaller businesses that feed the Ivory Tower and the many smaller research centers across Allegri.
Though it is difficult to inventory their exact holdings due to the various levels of autonomy many of the reseachers have, there is an entire floor of the Ivory Tower dedicated to cataloging and inventory.


Established in 3750 NC, the year of Black Flesh, the Dannamore was originally a small group of scholars who saw an opportunity within Etude to create a platform where science, technology, and arcana could be openly researched and discussed without the interference of religious dogma
Now so deeply entrenched in the function and operation of the Allegran capitals, the curators of the Tower are so powerful that they are practically their own law.
Since 4102NC there has been significant tension between the Allegran government and the Dannamore. During what was supposedly a routine excersize, the two eldest Cleft children at the time, Rǫdd & Fegrð were horribly maimed and died painfully from their wounds. Though publicly there was very little fallout from the incident, behind closed doors Herone Cleft directly blamed their instructor for their deaths and has continued a private vendetta against them ever since.

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