Dannamore Signet

Status Symbol & Members Icon

One of the most recognizable metaphysical items is the Dannamore Signet. Usually an oval-shaped ring made of luminous crystal usually worn around the neck or on a finger that is used to identify members of the Ivory Tower and to provide evidence and credit of their specific accomplishements and areas of study. Most signets are one of three colours, used to identify the area of study the owner is involved with.
The signet has several functions beyond identification, especially for those of higher rank within the organization. For most, it is a symbol of authority and achievement. With sufficient approval members gain access to preapproved research materials, spaces, and even staff and assistants. Individuals with especially high clearance are also approved for various 'special projects' divisions that are closely guarded secrets, even within the Dannamore Ivory Tower.
  With a simple invokation that nearly all members of the Ivory Tower learn, you can gain a great deal of information from a signet, which is made and enchanted uniquely for every member for the following data;  
  • Name: The name of the signet's bearer
  • Title: What title the owner currently holds, either as a student, professor, or other
  • Vital Stats: Numerical statistics on the physical appearance and characteristics of the owner - height, weight, general appearance, and a static image that is updated regularly.
  • Area of Association: Which primary branch they were recruited into, and which branches they are currently actively participating in. This includes dates for those with access to this information.
As one of the first major inventions by the Dannamore Ivory Tower, the signets have evolved over the centuries to become more complex and useful to those who attain certain ranks. There are entire labratories dedicated to researching ways to manipulate and improve the signets, which are created through a procress nearly identical to that used to create lats.
Identification, Private
Crystal, Magical


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