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Herone Cleft

Scion of Fire

Having led and ruled the Allegran government for nearly four decades, Herone is outrageously well respected by those who served her. Those loyal to Herone were well prepared for her to hand over the throne once she found a suitable heir, however due to the shocking loss of her two eldest children, Desdemona took rulership and their confidence was not with her.
Thankfully, Herone remained present through the transition, even refusing the title of Mansa-Allumni, which would indicate that she was leaving her leadership position, and was able to maintain significant public support during the period.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Born blind, at first not many believed Herone would be a candidate for her father, the Mansa at the time, to consider as a protoge, especially given that her parents produced two more siblings in the years following her birth.

Body Features

Despite being blind, Herone always enjoyed physical activity. Inspired by her desire to be physically respected, she regularly excersizes to build a lean and muscular body. Her appearance is important to her and maintaining an air of authority has always been vital to her.

Mental characteristics




Quietly completing a three year series of courses at the Dannamore between 4064 to 4068, Herone enjoyed her relatively solitary time living on campus. As a visually impaired noble, Herone was privately tutored in every subject with a specific focus on defensive strategy and resource management. Her parents believed it would be vital for her to have a strong understanding of how to defend her realm when she reigned as mansa.


Current Location
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Year of Birth
4051 80 Years old
Blind white
Shaved bald
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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