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Roland's Weald

Sequestered Rural Town

Originally a logging camp, Roland's Weald has grown into a permanent community of hearty folk who treasure their independance while still relying on the protection of the nearby capital for any serious issues that arise.


The population is completely human, with only a single elf living among them. Of the roughly 230 people living in the area easily 30% of them are children under the age of ten and 15% are seniors who are too old or ill to do manual labour. Wealth is relatively evenly distributed among the folk although each year the harvest decides who will eat better than the others.


The village has no official government or hierchy but Roland Duseul is their unofficial mayor and spokesperson. Everyone looks to him as a leader and for general advice for nearly all local matters. Outside of that they're taxed on trade goods when bringing products into Etude and are treated as citizens of the capital.


Running mostly independently from the nearby capital, all adults living in and around the Weald are capable of protecting themselves from the average animal. Every home has at least one servicable weapon per adult and most individuals have their own armour, too. Beyond the occassional angry bear, the village will sometimes call on their resident mage to help deal with dangerous situations.

Industry & Trade

Although most families can support themselves through farming and local trade the community was still built around logging and exports large amounts of lumber each year. Approximately half the men of the town work for Roland Weald as either loggers or foresters, and when demand is low nearly all have family farms to work on during the summer months.

Natural Resources

Established as a logging camp, there is still a vast region of forest that the people of the town use for personal use as well as harvest for trade with Etude. There is also no shortage of game and locals hunt or grow nearly all their own food, trading among themselves before traveling to the city for such purchases.


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