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Boulderthorn Nest

Public face and base of operations for the Crimson Lily.  
One of the uglier buildings in the city, this old warehouse in the Loading District of Etude is the primary hangout for low-level thugs and street urchins who want to turn their lives of petty crime into lifelong careers. The Crimson Lily call this bustling storehouse 'Boulderthron Nest' and it's their most visible front for moving all manner of illicit and stolen goods. Raided more often than a household pantry, Boulderthorn Nest does see it's share of genuine criminal activity, however it's primary use is as a distraction and redherring. While the guards and legal authorities busy themselves with the goings on of this establishment, other nefarious events go unseen by those who would otherwise interfere.

Purpose / Function

As a warehouse in the Loading district of Etude, the original purpose of this building was as a storehouse for various supplies. It's common for businesses or traders to need a secure place to leave large amounts of products while they attend to affairs in the city and the entire district surrounding the northern gate is designed to fill such this need.
  Currently, the building is primarily used as a meeting place for street thugs on the Crimson Lily payroll and for housing stolen goods awaiting sale.


Upon aquisition of the property decades ago the organization secretly built two underground levels. The main basement is a large, simple cellar with dirt floors and walls. It's used as a hideout when individuals need to lay low after a spree and is stocked with a variety of nondescript clothing and basic supplies for changing your appearance. It also boasts a coldroom with several months of hardtack, salted meat, canned preserves, and water.
"When a wild animal attacks you don't leave your neck exposed. Instead, hold up your arm so you can stab the beast with your other hand. It's difficult to defend yourself with jaws around your throat."
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