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Wand Cathedral

Originally a large shrine honouring Dark-Heart and Bright-Soul, what was once a modest building has been converted into the largest temple and abbey for Rinen, deity of plantlife and prophecy. It was originally named after the Tale of Eight Wands, but once worship shifted to tangible, manifested gods, Rinen sent a vision to their followers that this old building should be converted into a focal point of their relatively unstructured religion.

Purpose / Function

As a meetingplace and sanctuary, the Wand Cathedral is a beacon to all followers of Rinen. Most clergy are trained here and over a dozen priests and acolytes live on the premises and tend small crops, a copse of exotic trees, and maintain a large library and archive of collected prophecies.


Once a single large building, now the Wand Cathedral boasts several secondary buildings that serve as housing for clergy, libraries, and archives for the many prophetic writings that Rinen has inspired.


The structure was originally a 'stave building'. The name comes from the core structure being a tall wooden post and the rest of the building branching off the central 'stave'. Originally much more widespread, most of the surviving stave-structured buildings have been deconstructed in favour of more modern building styles.
  Now, over a thousand years after construction, the central beam is likely the last piece of the original building that remains and the building has been added to, expanded, and upgraded to modern standards.


Originally built as shrine to prehistoric gods, this structure has been modified, expanded, and repeatedly rebuilt. As a place for ancient god-fearing mases to gather during time of worship, the devout would make offerings during celestial events, like eclipses and the 'full heart'. Cultural celebrations would often take place here as well and due to it's location and importance would eventually spawn a settlement and become the city of Clavier.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Behind the Name
The Wand Cathedral is both a throw-back reference and a pun. Referencing both the Tale of Eight Wands, and the construction style which is traditionally called a 'Stave church', which is a type of wand.

Why here?
Below includes a small selection of 'behind the veil' knowledge relating to the physical site of the abbey and the people who live there.
  The Secret
The exact site of the original building is directly on a powerful magical convergence which is actually one of the legendary Eight Wands. This enhances the visions and prophecies that Rinen grants their followers. Rinen does not know why this site is so powerful, but has suspicions that cannot be confirmed.


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