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Tale of Eight Wands

Ancient Tale of Creation

The myths across Allegri are as convoluted as they are ancient. Their primary creation myth, however, is fairly straightforward.

The Tale of Eight Wands is a story about two lovers, Dark-Heart and Bright-Soul, who manifested creation. Like many couples, they desired offspring, someone to watch over and care for in a way they couldn't for each other. Being a deity has it's share of benefits but vulnerability is not one of them, and although they loved each other deeply, neither needed the other in the way a parent needs a child. So they set to task, creating. Together they designed the basic properties of creation; what the people would eventually call the laws of nature and physics - magic and chemistry. How each element would react together, separately, and when combined with every other element was finely tuned and balanced to create an environment to support the children they were to make.
Finally, with the realm created and life flowing through rivers and forests, Bright-Soul and Dark-Heart set out to give birth to their truest offspring. The couple knew that no good thing could live solely in the dark - or the light - and as only a parent can, they sacrificed their own freedom to bring a balance to the world. Dark-Heart became the guiding light in the darkness, waxing and waning but ever present to light the way through the night. Bright-Soul brings warmth and light where the darkness recedes, giving new life and creating endless beauty.
Knowing their absence would be difficult, the two lovers sealed their godly powers into eight relics that were spread around the realm. These divinely blessed wands held immense magic and were to maintain the realm once Dark-Heart and Bright-Soul were gone. Over millions of years their creation grew as they had planned, the lives of all creatures guided by design. They watched, weeping for their children during times of suffering, silently celebrating at times of great discovery, and always watching the humans they made in their own image.
Different gods exist now. None of them speak of Dark-Heart or Bright-Soul. If these gods know anything about the truth of this tale or the origins of the realm, they aren't giving us any hints. The legendary Eight Wands are still a mystery, but there are theories about great metaphysical emanations around the world and how they may be related - just theories, mind you.


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