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City of Trees

Forest surrounds this bustling city in all directions, buried for days within thick foliage and wilderness in all directions. The citizenry has learned to live in relative harmony with nature, the city itself has cleared a space within the deep forest and unlike elves and fae the people here do not live in trees but instead build traditional wood and brick buildings of human design. .
Governed by Antarint Stone who rules the capital city directly under the Mansa, the city pays only token tribute to the human alliance. They reap the benefits of their partnership with the other capitals, however, they contribute less than their share whenever possible and withhold whatever payments or taxes they can justify. This has been how the city operates since the inception of the human alliance and although the current Mansa is fully aware of their disrespectful attitude, she has not yet been able to squelch it in her time as ruler.
  The city's primary defense is an elite squad of rangers that patrol the surrounding area. Most threats do not reach the fortified city walls - the rangers are able to track and diffuse most threats before they become serious. Recently they have encountered unusual burrows created by unknown creatures that have remained hidden. Evidence suggests these creatures may be observing the city for unknown reasons.   Behind closed doors the city council ministers believe that these threats must have come from deep below the surface and were forced to rise aboveground for some unknowable purpose. These theories are barely based in fact, but are closely guarded – they do not want the average citizenry to know there could be a hidden threat lurking nearby.   Clavier is laid out like a wheel, with lanes like spokes emanating from the central district where the government buildings are located. These lanes divide the city into five districts. The central district is where the upper city leadership live, along with high-end shops, inns, and parlours. The northern district is home to the labourers and tradesmen, their shops and market stalls. The western district is mainly residential and houses the middle class and career merchants – there is a large central market located in this district where people gather and barter. This is also where many of the less reputable inns and taverns are located. The district to the east is a religious and educational, where the magical workshops, temples, and churches are.


The entire city of Clavier is built with protection as a priority. The deep forest capital city has heavy wooden walls reaching upwards of 7m and magically enhanced to reduce flamability and improve strength.   As a source of pride, Governor Stone has trained the largest elite force of rangers known across the continent. Himself a vetran ranger, Antarant Stone has called in every military favour he could manage to aquire some of the best and most experienced rangers to help train his squads.
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Clavian, Claver (denotes lower-class, perjorative)
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