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Unexplainable Region

This large coastal region near the landbridge between Allegri and Kriio borders several different natural biomes. It isn't unusual for several biomes to naturally overlap in a relatively small area, however the Capriccio region has been noted as the source of many strange events and creatures over the centuries. Those who travel within the area relay that all forms of navigation failed, but in fact very few manage to escape the area to tell their tales.
The region was first documented in 3447 NC by an exploratory team from Stretto. Originally tasked with finding suitable locations for new Allegran settlements, the expedition leader became obsessed with exploring the region. What they may have learned within was never discovered as the entire party went missing shortly after sending a rider back to report their current location and status.
Since then, dozens of groups have traveled to the borders of the region to investigate what causes the disturbances and nearly all who are foolish enough to enter are never seen again.



Spanning approximately 45km along the southern coast of Allegri and reaching half as far inland, there is an unnatural diversity in terrain visible from the north border. The earth surrounding the forest is strangely damp, loose soil that seems inhospitable to most vegetation. Mostly wet, marsh-like terrain, massive trees block ground-level line of sight into the region.


Flora & Fauna

The old trees visible from the plains outside the region appear to ignore the usual seasonal cycle, whether through magic or some kind of mutation is unknown. They stay lush and green, never losing their leaves and steadily producing fruit and blossoms. Since observation began, the surrounding soil has prevented any aggressive flora from spreading beyond it's border, however this is not the case regarding creatures from within, who seem to prowl the borders regularly and have no fear of the wider world.
Many variations of animals seen elsewhere across Allegri have been spotted in and around the area, seemingly able to move through the region unhindered. Viscious reptilian beasts of all sizes have also been seen, and regularly attack any camps that set up too near the border soil of Capriccio.
Alternative Name(s)
Aakaashaganga Ped (fae)
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